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So, you’ve signed up on a dating site; you’re writing letters to women and they’re writing back to you. Now what?

Some men can get stuck at this phase, not knowing how to move forward. However, online dating is not neuroscience. If you stick to the goal, things become more simple. When you want to date single women seeking men who have marriage in mind, things need to go further than a letter.

“The letter-writing is a tool,” explains a dating expert. “I use it. Some misuse it and spend a lot of time, sometimes years just writing letters.”

He refers to these men as “Keyboard Romeo,” who might be thinking to themselves, “Gee, I’m safe here at home. I can write as many letters as I want. I can look at these pretty pictures.”

They get into a comfort zone, encountering women at a distance but never really achieving the purpose for which they ventured into online dating in the first place. “After all, they’re doing nothing for their own happiness.”

Writing letters or maintaining an online connection is not the aim of online dating. Ultimately, serious women seeking men online want to meet their future spouse or establish a long-term relationship.

If men sincerely want to have a relationship with women looking for love and marriage, they need to step up and take things to the next level. “The only way must be face to face or it doesn’t matter,” the dating expert says, emphasizing the need for potential couples to meet up in person.

“I’ve seen it go both ways. I wrote a letter; thought something was going on. Met the woman. Nothing was going on,” he said, sharing his experience.

Braving to meet girls online is a good start. But getting to interact with them in the flesh helps you assess things better and brings a clearer orientation to the relationship. Without it, the relationship might just remain in limbo.

Costa Rican Woman
Costa Rica single women seeking men looking to marry is your best choice of bride.

“On the other hand, sometimes you can just come to the social, have a wonderful time and you can meet lots and lots of women,” he says, showing the great advantages of coming to personal meet-ups.

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“It’s better to just come and see the people. If you like somebody, you go. If you don’t like [anyone], who cares, you go on a vacation,” another tour client says.

The Singles Tours are always a win-win option. Our Costa Rica dating service offers opportunities both to see scenic spots and pretty ladies.

“If you wanted to go on a vacation without this arrangement [of meeting women], you’ll spend the same money so might as well come in here. [You will] also have the opportunity to meet somebody you like. And if you didn’t, who cares, it’s a good vacation,” he says.

It’s a no-brainer. Sign up now for free on our website and join the Singles Tours. You will find many single women looking for men, who are marriage-minded like you. And while you’re at it, relax and enjoy the marvels of Costa Rica.

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