History of Matchmaking: From Local to International

A woman introducing two people as potential partners, a practice found in the history of matchmaking.
From local to international, the history of matchmaking shows how practices evolved to help singles find love.

How do I find a partner?

Nowadays, if you ask this question, people would recommend using dating apps, suggesting that you could find love with just a few swipes.

While that can be true for some, there is a foolproof way to find a partner - matchmaking.

Matchmaking has been around for centuries, with singles seeking guidance from someone who can find them a husband or a wife, since they have more connections and knowledge when it comes to love.

However, you might be wondering, “How can a thing of the past still be effective today?”

To answer this, get to know the history of matchmaking and how it has evolved from its traditional ways to increase your chances of finding a partner.

Traditional Matchmaking

The earliest account of matchmaking was documented in the Jewish community during the Middle Ages.

Back then, most Jewish families lived in small communities that were semi-isolated from each other, preventing them from creating a bigger social circle and knowing potential matches.

Because of this, parents would hire the services of a shadkhan or a matchmaker for marriage to find a potential spouse for their children.

The shadkhan would then gather information on potential partners, evaluate their personal qualities and backgrounds, and present the most suitable ones to their employers.

Although they would ask for a percentage of the dowry, the shadkhanim’s primary motivation was to help ensure a holy union.

Similarly, in the Western world, clergy members would also engage in the art of matchmaking with the same intentions.

That being said, traditional matchmaking had a secular focus.

Local Matchmaking Services

People hired matchmakers with intentions aligned to love and faith.

However, in some parts of the world, matchmaking soon evolved to be a means for the rich to preserve their wealth by marrying their children off to those with the same social standing.

For instance, in Japan, parents would hire the local matchmaking services of a nakodo, who would provide them with a resume of potential partners.

After they had screened through their options, they would then ask the nakodo to help them set up a formal meeting with the chosen partner and their family.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, such as Costa Rica, family members were the ones who acted as matchmakers.

They would choose a potential partner who shared a similar background, social status, religious beliefs, and values as their single relative.

Afterwards, they would informally introduce them at community gatherings or through extended family networks.

It was then up to the couple whether or not they would continue getting to know each other. Oftentimes, however, they would get into a relationship and would eventually marry.

The Influence of Matchmaking

A couple getting married after meeting through a matchmaker for marriage
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As matchmaking became the norm, people began to believe that it was not acceptable for a man to simply walk up and introduce himself to a woman.

Their first meeting had to be arranged by a matchmaker or mutual acquaintance.

With this kind of social protocol in place, men had to think of a way to bypass it; so they came up with flirtation cards.

Flirtation cards contain short messages they would like to say to a woman. They would carry these around in their pockets during social gatherings and secretly slip them into the woman’s palm.

Overseas Matchmaker

In the history of matchmaking, it wasn’t only people that served as bridges for singles to connect. Objects were used as well.

After the art of matchmaking influenced societal norms, people began to get even more creative in their approaches to finding love.

Particularly, when the Eastern frontier settled in the West, they found that although there were plenty of resources available, there was only a small population of women.

If they went back to the East, they would risk giving up their land and riches.

As a result, some people started asking their family and friends back home to connect them with potential partners who would be willing to form a long distance relationship.

Meanwhile, others would place personal ads in Eastern newspapers in search of a partner.

They would indicate their physical characteristics, age, intent to marry, and address where women could send their reply.

In a way, newspapers at the time performed a similar function as an overseas matchmaker.

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Online Dating

Now that matchmaking has gone beyond borders, entrepreneurs have turned to the use of the Internet and begun enticing singles to find love through online dating apps.

However, entrepreneurs are not matchmakers.

Indeed, they help people find potential partners based on whom they think are compatible with them, considering interests, beliefs, and values.

However, their services never go beyond introductions and communication.

It is always up to single individuals to find ways to meet offline, adding to the challenges of international dating.

A match from a dating site
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International Matchmaking Services

A matchmaking company like ours offers international matchmaking services that lead to marriage.

We merge the matchmaking practices of the past with modern technology to ensure that you find lasting love.

Like the shadkhanims and the nakodos, we rely on our extensive network to gather potential matches.

We collate their personal information and conduct a background check for verification.

Once that’s done, we will refer you to several people whom we think would be compatible with you.

Then, through the use of technology, we offer you a means to reach out to them.

As your matches may come from a different country like Costa Rica, we take the time to plan out a formal introduction to help you build a connection despite your cultural differences.

After we are done with the preparations, we invite you to a tour to the women’s country, allowing you to be formally introduced to them during the socials.

If it turns out you are unable to connect in-person, you still have the opportunity to mingle with other women who may be “the one.”

Like the matchmakers of the past, we see high success rates in our services, with most of our clients leaving the country either in a relationship or engaged to a Costa Rican woman.

A couple getting married after meeting through a matchmaking company.
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Finding Love

Many think that the art of matchmaking is a tradition that should be left behind, as past practices may be ineffective in today’s modern world.

However, in the history of matchmaking, its transition from the local to the international scene is a testament to its ongoing relevance.

In this case, try out our international matchmaking services.

We merge proven methods of the past with the capabilities of modern technology, increasing your chances of finding a life partner among hundreds of beautiful women, even if they’re from a country like Costa Rica.

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