Love Abroad: A Single Man's Costa Rica Travel Experience

People say that love is a process. It doesn’t happen in a day or two, as many movies have portrayed.

In this case, what do you need to do?

Like constructing a building, you first need a plan and a foundation to ensure that your relationship stays strong and stable in the future.

One of our clients, Benjamin, has recently taken the first step and laid the groundwork for love during one of our Costa Rica socials.

Discover how he went through the first stages of the process as we learn about his Costa Rica travel experience. Get some advice from our matchmakers as well.

First Time to Visit Costa Rica

Even before we announced the date for the socials in Costa Rica, Benjamin had already planned on joining.

“Over the last two years, I’ve heard about the socials and I wanted to see for myself,” he said.

Driven by his curiosity and desire to find love, Benjamin reached out to us, signed up for the next socials, and booked his flight.

He also familiarized himself with relevant information regarding the flow of events and ways on how to interact with Ticas.

For him, it was nerve-wracking to find love in another country, so he wanted to come prepared.

Moreover, to avoid disappointments, Benjamin tried to manage his expectations while going to Costa Rica.

Upon arriving, however, he was impressed by the hospitality he received.

But more than that, he was stunned by the beauty of Costa Rican women, confirming their reputation as desirable partners.

However, with numerous potential candidates at the socials, Benjamin faced a good kind of dilemma.

“I’m very impressed because there’s a lot of beautiful women and it’s hard for me to pick,” he said.

Establishing Connections

Benjamin being interviewed by our matchmaker on his Costa Rica travel experience
Lay the foundation for love as you enjoy your Costa Rica travel experience.

“Come back after establishing something; everything doesn’t have to happen right now," one of our matchmakers advised Benjamin when he expressed his concern about choosing a potential partner.

While we would love for everyone to leave the country in a newfound relationship, our priority is ensuring that clients like Benjamin have an enjoyable experience overall.

Instead of viewing the end of your visit as a deadline for finding a partner, consider the other benefits of attending our socials.

As our matchmaker told Benjamin, the socials provide an opportunity to meet new people.

It’s possible to be interested in someone from the moment you meet them. But truly knowing and falling in love with a person takes time.

Having said that, she advised Benjamin to let the socials serve as a platform to expand his social circle. Then, he can lay the foundation for love by establishing a friendship with the women and keeping in touch with them via messages or calls.

Spending a Long Weekend in Costa Rica

Aside from offering Benjamin advice, our matchmaker also took additional steps to address his and other similar concerns expressed by our clients.

According to our matchmaker, she understands that a single night or two of meeting over a hundred beautiful single women is not enough time to make a decision.

That’s why, in her commitment to helping our clients develop deeper connections with the ladies, she helps organize tours to the country’s stunning dating spots and arranges trips to beautiful islands.

A man establishing a connection with a Tica during his long weekend in Costa Rica
Go on our socials and tours! Spend your long weekend in Costa Rica finding love with a Tica.

Moreover, she told Benjamin that while he’s in the country, he has the option to arrange a private date with any of the women. This way, he can see with whom he has better chemistry.

If he has a hard time remembering the names of the women from the socials, she advised him that he can always reach out to her for help in searching their profiles.

Our matchmaker also reassured him that as he enjoys his Costa Rica travel experience, she and our translators are always on standby, ready to provide their services if needed.

If he feels pressed for time to make a decision, she told Benjamin that one thing she always advises our clients is that the more days they can stay, the better.

This way, they can fully experience everything they wish to do.

Costa Rica Romantic Vacation Packages

Finding love becomes easier when you have someone who can guide you.

Like Benjamin, you can rely on our matchmakers for help.

Our Costa Rica romantic vacation packages not only offer the opportunity to meet beautiful women and explore stunning destinations, but they also ensure that your efforts in finding love are successful.

Whether you’re in the early stages of love or are already in the process of filing an expat visa to start a life together with your Tica, our matchmakers are here to offer advice and provide opportunities.

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