San Jose, Costa Rica Dating: A First Person POV

Costa Rica has become a hub of international dating, with many men from all around the globe coming to its cities and its beaches to find the woman of their dreams. San Jose, Costa Rica dating appeals to quite a lot of men all over the world and many of them take concrete steps to make their dreams a reality by getting a Costa Rica girlfriend.

One respondent had nothing but praise regarding his experience taking a romance tour to San Jose, and his praise wasn’t limited to just the women, the country, or the event. No, he also had praise for the people who ran the tour because, in his eyes, they truly cared about bringing two compatible people together, that they’re grounded in reality and try to help people, that they cared more about making matches than they did about making money.

When it came to his experience on the tour, he also had an appreciation for the way that people acted. He observed that everyone was respectful of each other while dating in San Jose, Costa Rica. He believed that this was because everyone had a common goal of bringing together a Costa Rican woman with a foreign man who would’ve otherwise never had the chance to meet one another or would have spent years trying to find each other.

The women weren’t gold-diggers, he asserted, who were only looking to bag a foreign man for some cash and a green card.

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When it came to the other men who were on the tour, he observed that none of them were looking for casual relationships. He interacted with the other guys at breakfast and weren’t just looking to date, they were looking to find meaningful relationships and have wives to start families with.

Another observation was that the women on the trips seemed to be largely on the same page as the men in regards to what they wanted out of the romance tour.

In fact, he posits that most of the women would rather stay in Costa Rica and would only leave if their husbands truly wanted to take them back to where they came from, but that their preference would be to stay in Costa Rica because they’re happy where they are and that it’d take a lot to take them away from their country.

It was his first time in Costa Rica, but he also stated that he wouldn’t mind buying a house on the beach somewhere and becoming an expat dating in Costa Rica.

This is because he liked Costa Rica as a country. He valued the culture and liked that when he walked down the street, he didn’t see miserable people. He saw them smiling even while going about their work and that made him realize that Costa Rica must be a good place to live in.

The tour participant also hopes that the agency continues to do what it is doing, as he believes that there is a need that is being served and that the romance tour was worth it since even if nothing romantic happens with San Jose, Costa Rica dating, it’s still a good vacation.

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