A Quick Guide to Getting a Costa Rica Girlfriend

Dating someone foreign isn’t often too different from dating someone from your homeland. You will, however, notice that there are some differences. And these differences vary, depending on the foreign partner’s origin.

Costa Rica is a country with its own dating standards. It is also a deeply religious nation. So when you start dating a Costa Rican girl, don’t be surprised to see her adhering to local relationship practices.

So, how does a man date a Costa Rican woman? What is the best way to approach a potential relationship with her?

If your goal is to get yourself a Costa Rica girlfriend, let’s get you started off on the right foot.

Proper Costa Rican Dating Etiquette

The most important thing you must understand about dating in Costa Rica is that is is generally traditional. So be on your best behavior and observe these rules:

1. Make the first move.

The world may be rapidly changing, but dating in Costa Rica is old school. The local society is generally conservative, so it’s best to maintain the status quo and follow their norms.

One of those norms includes men making the first move.

Costa Rican single women expect their suitors to approach them first before courting them. It’s a Latin American tradition, and no one expects it to completely fade out soon.

Traditional courtship allows women to gauge a man’s genuine intentions and feelings. And don’t mistake these women for fools; when a man is putting on a pretense, they will know and catch on.

2. Don’t rush anything

If you want a real Costa Rican girlfriend experience, then take things slow.

Costa Rican women won’t be shy about showing love and affection. However, don’t mistake that trait for an immediate need for intimacy.

Man talking to his Costa Rica girlfriend
Consider this a guide to navigating love with a Costa Rica girlfriend.

Moving things too fast, especially if a relationship is still in its infancy, is a bad look. This also goes against most women’s religious upbringing, which values saving themselves for their future husbands.

3. Keep the PDA family-friendly and to a minimum.

Costa Rican ladies have a demure appearance, and they want to keep it that way. This is why they prefer minimizing public displays of affection (PDA).

If you’re going to be affectionate in public with your Costa Rican girlfriend, we recommend limiting it to hand-holding. It’s mild enough to show affection, but not strong enough to violate anyone’s sensibilities.

4. Don’t make unnecessary fights bigger than they seem.

Should you have arguments, don’t bring up unnecessary points and make them a bigger issue. This makes them feel they’ve disappointed you—something they’re quite sensitive about.

5. Exercise generosity with gift-giving on special occasions.

Are you invited to a Costa Rican family event? If so, come bearing gifts. Attending without a present makes you come across as a rude guest.

6. Extend your patience.

This doesn’t stop at your relationship. Exercising patience in this case also means getting used to when Costa Rican women show up.

For those unaware, locals are known for observing what they call Tico time. This refers to a habit of showing up late for affairs, from dates to salon appointments. Note that they’re not doing this to turn you off or make you angry; it’s just a hard habit to break.

Now that you know how to impress a Costa Rican girl, try your luck with us! We’re sure you’ll find a woman who’ll catch your attention. Signup is free, so what are you waiting for?

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