Meeting Women in Costa Rica: Surprises You Should Expect

Feeling nervous about meeting women in Costa Rica for the first time?

The language barrier, dancing, and of course, brushing elbows with a hundred beautiful women can definitely wreck any man’s nerves.

But the warmth and smiles of these lovely Ticas will make you forget all your worries and feel comfortable in no time.

This is exactly the experience of Isaac, a tour client, who was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is for a foreign man to get along with Costa Rica single women.

He recently joined our Singles Tour, which is one of the best features of our Costa Rica marriage agency.

“I did my research first before I came. I was watching videos and the nightlife was very vibrant. And I also corresponded with some of the ladies before I got here,” he narrated. “I expected everything to be open and lively.”

For foreign men dating in Costa Rica, the language barrier may pose a challenge but Isaac reassures that it’s not a problem at all.

“I was surprised about this but literally at these Socials, so many women spoke English. Maybe 60% spoke only Spanish but 40% spoke either basic conversation level of English or literally complete English,” he says.

He observed that the Costa Rican women underestimate their English skills adding, “They think their English is bad but in reality when you hear them [and] you’re a native English speaker, you can understand them perfectly.”

Meeting Women in Costa Rica
Foreign men meeting women in Costa Rica discover that Ticas are very hospitable and patient.

And how about the dancing? Latin dances are a big part of the culture and Ticas love swaying their hips to the beat during the Socials. This may intimidate men who are not used to dancing but that doesn’t turn off Costa Rican women.

“If you don’t know how to [dance], the girls are very very patient. And they have no problem teaching you the steps,” Isaac shares, recalling how Ticas never criticized anyone’s dancing skills.

“There’s no shame because the other Costa Ricans don’t judge you. They support you [and] cheer you on. There’s no worries,” he assures.

What’s more, dating in Costa Rica is like vacationing in paradise. “The weather here is beautiful. It’s tropical. The nature around is so much green,” he says, admiring the gorgeous natural sceneries.

“There are so many places outside of San Juan that in 30 minutes you can go see and get into nature. It’s really a beautiful country,” Isaac recounts.

However, it took him a long time to finally decide to come and meet Costa Rican women. “I was that guy. I sat there for 3 years and watched the videos. Three years wishing man I really want to go,” he shares.

“And then I was like, You know what, why don’t I go? I’ve thought about this long enough. What’s holding me back? Nothing.”

Now, he urges other men to jump in like him. “The weather’s beautiful, the women are beautiful. What are you guys waiting for?”

Hesitate no longer. Come to our Singles Tours and see for yourself what Isaac is gushing about.

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“Go. Find the woman of your dreams because she’s definitely here. Just enjoy it. It’s a great experience.”

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