Why You Should Meet Costa Rican Women With an Open Mind

“I’m not saying it’s a wrong type, but be open-minded.”

Men who have tried meeting women in Costa Rica all say the same thing: Don’t go in with a limited set of expectations if you want to find a potentially great partner. Give yourself to chance to see what these women are truly all about.

“I know you all have your type…But right now it didn’t work, you are all single.”

It’s normal to go on dates with a measure of doubt and hesitation. But you never know if something great is in store. And we’ve witnessed many times how these dates defied expectations.

“You know how we know? We’ve tried it.”

We have experienced women who have apprehensions when they meet men for the first time. Our matchmakers have done extensive scanning and analysis of our ladies. So we believe that there is a high likelihood that things will work out.

We encourage the women to date outside of their comfort zone. Many have ended up finding love with men who they would not have normally considered.

“So give a chance to some people.”

However, we don’t pressure anyone to date someone they aren’t comfortable with, especially if the person has major red flags. We understand that there are negative signs you can’t ignore.

The beauty of having so many women to talk to on the tours is that you can experiment and try new things. So don’t be afraid to give something a chance, even if you’re not sure if it’s right for you. You might be surprised at what you find.

“If you’ve always looked at younger women, give a chance to someone maybe closer to your age…and see what the difference is.”

Costa Rican Woman
Our matchmakers encourage tour participants to take the time to get to know the women on a deeper level.

As our staff say, comparison will help you know what it is that you really like.

We also want the men to realize their advantage since they have already seen the ladies’ profiles online. And some of them have had a headstart and made connections early on. This helps them begin a conversation about any shared interests and values.

“You have an advantage. You’ve seen their profiles on the website…”

We understand that our tour clients are looking for a life partner. The women know this, and we have encouraged them to be open-minded and give a chance to men who may not be their usual type.

“There’s no other way to know that works other than trying it and giving it a chance.”

It’s time. It’s money. Make it worth it.

How to Meet Costa Rican Women Who Are Open-Minded

Meeting a woman in Costa Rica is easy and convenient with our personalized matchmaking service. Browse our website to find women who share your values and interests.

We also encourage you to be open to dating women who may not be your ideal type when you join our socials and tours. We have seen many successful love stories that started out as unlikely pairings—many of whom have gone on to marry. We believe that you could be next.

Register now and meet beautiful women from Costa Rica! Our next tour is coming up soon, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to meet Costa Rican women in person.

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