Dating in Costa Rica: A Young Man’s Perspective

Isaac is a young man from the United States. He is one of our many tour clients who traveled to Costa Rica in search of a wife. He confessed that he was tired of playing games and wanted to settle down instead.

“I don’t want to go out in the States and party. Here, I just want to find a woman and settle down.”

When asked about his experience during our socials and dating tours, he said,

“Everything’s been great, the country is beautiful, the tours have been wonderful, and the quality of women in the socials has been very great.”

Isaac shared that he decided to join our Costa Rica tours for singles after watching videos of foreign men finding and marrying Ticas. The videos inspired him to visit the country and see if he could find love there himself.

He has only nice things to say about Ticas, “The women here, they’re very friendly and easy to talk to…you’re not like talking to a brick wall…they respond back.”

He also attested that Ticas are family-oriented based on the questions they ask him. Ticas wants to know if he plans to have a family and kids in the future, as this is what most of them want.

“I can attest to that…They’re definitely family-oriented…”

As a young guy, one wouldn’t think of Isaac as being serious about relationships. He even received curious looks from the attendees during the socials. But he was determined to find a woman to marry.

“I decided to come because I was tired of playing games in the United States…”

Dating in Costa Rica
Isaac beams with happiness as he personally experiences the beauty of Costa Rican women.

Isaac said that Ticas are different from the women in his country. He believes that they are more serious and less likely to play games than American women.

“They want to get right down the business. And they’re looking for a boyfriend who has goals to become a husband and have a family…and I’m all for that.”

He also shows an intention of bringing her future partner to his country, “Actually, a lot of them are willing to come to the United States…”

“If you get along with them [nicely], I would say, younger guys, leave the American women alone. Come date the Costa Rican women because they’re [waiting]…” he declared.

Isaac was familiar with the setup because he had been watching videos of our Costa Rica dating service. However, he was still surprised when he attended one of the events for the first time.

“…I was still surprised because I didn’t realize there [were] going to be that many beautiful women and actually women close to my age…”

“I thought it would be maybe older women. There were some, but it was like a lot of younger women so I was very surprised by that,” he added.

Isaac beamed with happiness as he shared how Ticas reacted upon spotting him at the event. He even said that some of them immediately gave him their numbers, and older women offered to give him the numbers of their daughters.

“It was overwhelmingly great. You really felt like a rock star when you sat down at those tables.”

How Young Men Can Find the Right Costa Rican Woman

Young men like Isaac can also experience what it’s like dating in Costa Rica by joining one of our Costa Rica trips for singles. At our socials, you will have the opportunity to meet Ticas from all walks of life and age.

Are you ready to meet beautiful Ticas? We can help. Begin by registering for free on our.

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