A Costa Rica Single Male Travel Story

The secret to finding your potential life partner on the Costa Rica Singles Vacation tour is to have few expectations.

Let things play out naturally, and you’ll find your match.

That’s what Derwin, a tour participant, recommends to those of you considering joining the next tour.

Here’s his story, and why joining the next Costa Rica single male travel expedition should be next on your bucket list.

A Pleasant Costa Rican Surprise

There are welcome surprises in store for the single male traveling to Costa Rica in search of romance. For Derwin, this was an experience he would never forget.

Derwin would travel to various countries in search of a romantic partner. He would go alone, without the help of an agency or friend. And according to him, it was all a waste of money.

One day, he came across our site, Costa Rica Women. He learned that there was much to see in Costa Rica for a single male traveler, and jumped on the opportunity.

“I wish I had tried them before I wasted my money,” he shares. “They have a program that works. I was a little skeptical, but I followed their recommendations.”

Derwin knew not to go into the trip with high expectations. Being open-minded allowed him to enjoy every moment of the tour. “The first socials night was not knowing what to expect. It was kind of overwhelming. So many beautiful ladies, and, as they say, so little time,” he comments.

Despite that little time, he enjoyed the Socials night immensely. He felt like a kid walking into a candy store.

“You walk in the room, and you see over a hundred ladies. You just want so many,” he admits. He appreciated the questions he got from the ladies because they gave him room to be honest and genuine.

And as luck would have it, Derwin made an instant connection with a woman, who was intrigued by his story. “She was very forward and forthcoming,” he notes.

Why Take a Costa Rica Single Male Vacation?

If you are a single man looking for love in a beautiful country with a traditional culture, our tours are perfect for you. It’s a vacation and dating experience all rolled into one.

A group of women talking to a man on a Costa Rica single male travel expedition
A Costa Rica single male travel adventure is worth every penny.

Here are reasons to join our tours to this magnificent Latin American destination:

1. The sights

Costa Rica is making a name for itself as an ecotourism hotspot. The country is famous for its biodiversity and is worth a visit if you’re a nature lover. It’s a reason the Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for singles.

2. The culture

Native, Spanish, and Jamaican influences factor in Costa Rica’s rich culture. Don’t be surprised to see people happily dancing on the streets! Even Derwin noticed this during the socials. “Latin American girls have moves that I’ve just never seen anywhere else,” he remarks.

3. The gorgeous women

The country’s local women are natural head-turners. Not only are they physically attractive, but they’ve got great personalities too. They are always up for a fun time, so you’ll never be bored. They balance their fun-loving side with seriousness, adhering to traditional values.

We hope we’ve painted a fun picture of Costa Rica for a single male traveler. Are you up for a similar experience to Derwin’s? Sign up now and brace yourself for an unforgettable experience!

A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone. A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone.

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