Compromising Too Much in a Relationship: When It’s Unhealthy

A couple arguing because of compromising too much in a relationship
Compromising too much in a relationship can be caused by lack of boundaries and poor communication.

Is it self-sacrificing love or are you compromising too much in a relationship?

Sacrifices are necessary for a relationship to last. You cannot always have things your way because your partner may think differently.

You may share common interests and values as a couple but every now and then you will bump into a point of difference that either opens a fork in the road or a convergence of paths.

Meeting halfway as a couple is healthy and possible but how much compromise is too much in a relationship?

Here are some of the crucial things that you should keep watch to avoid compromising too much with your partner.

What You Shouldn’t Compromise


Respect is a basic human right and need. Without question, this is non-negotiable in any relationship, especially with a romantic one. When partners have respect for each other, a relationship is more peaceful, happy, and fulfilling.

However, if you allow your partner to insult you, ignore you, or worst case, abuse you, then you are compromising too much in a relationship. This can also manifest in more subtle ways like not giving you enough attention, affection, and space.

Personal Goals and Beliefs

While some directions in life can evolve because of the addition of a partner, some things hold a great weight in our hearts that cannot be dismissed lightly. Our goals and dreams as well as our core beliefs are at the deepest places of who we are.

Often, they’ve already been on our list of priorities even before meeting our partner. You shouldn’t have to lose them to gain a relationship. If your partner asks you to give up your career, dreams, or religion, then that might be a major reason to reassess the relationship.

Who You Are

Relationships are so intimate that they usually evolve into unhealthy attachments. The desire to please the other person can drive one to prioritize others’ preferences over their own to the point of neglecting their needs. Compromising too much in a relationship may also mean never disagreeing with them just to avoid conflict even when you don’t really mean it.

When you endlessly adapt to their views and wants, you will eventually forget who you are. You will tend to define yourself relative to your partner and when they are not around, you don’t even know what dish to order or what kind of movie you’d like to watch.

A couple talking to each other
Learn how much compromise is too much in a relationship by discussing with your partner both your feelings and needs.

Family and Friends

Partners are not the only ones important in your life. You also need to maintain healthy relationships with many people around you, especially those close to you. Your family and friends are part of your core support system and have irreplaceable roles in your life.

Prohibitions from seeing them or communicating with them with no reasonable grounds is a violation of your boundaries. This unhealthy compromise in a relationship should not be tolerated and must be discussed with your partner.


Compromised safety happens when you feel threatened or hurt either psychologically or physically because of your partner. They may ask you to engage in harmful activities, verbally or physically abuse you, or create an environment where you are not free to express or do things by yourself.

A healthy relationship is one where you feel safe, secure, and free. Any factor that weakens these leads to too much compromise in a relationship and in your overall well-being.

Signs You Are Compromising Too Much in a Relationship

One-Sided Decisions

When you compromise again and again, you end up having no voice in a decision. Your partner may also be manipulating or dominating the discussion, not giving you enough chances to express yourself. Decisions as a couple must be talked through together and made with mutual commitment. But if it is often one-sided, that might be a sign that your boat is on the verge of sinking.

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Feeling Unappreciated and Alone

How much compromise is too much in a relationship can be measured by how much you feel unrecognized and alone. When you are always giving in without the other person doing the same, you may feel unappreciated and burdened at the same time. There may be a sense of solitariness because your opinions are not given value and your partner fails to support you. Dismay and hurt that ensue are tell-tale signs that something’s not right.

Loss of Passion for Life

Constant disregard for yourself may lead you to a loss of interest and passion for things that used to energize you. Because of the dominance of your partner, you may gradually feel insignificant and find no value in your work, hobbies, or pursuits.

Having often submitted to them, you are no longer sure what you really want for yourself. You lose a sense of who you are and feel troubled with your direction in life.


Too much compromise in a relationship over time may turn you into a resentful partner. Because your wants and needs are not met, you may become frustrated with the relationship. Blaming the other person or yourself can turn into passive-aggressive behavior and misunderstandings.

Compromises often include bottled-up emotions that can one day explode if not expressed. When your anger becomes gradually bigger and constant, there might just be too much compromise going on in your relationship.

Woman at the beach pondering
Avoid too much compromise in a relationship by reflecting on your emotions to be more aware of your feelings and values.

Tips to Avoid Too Much Compromise in a Relationship

Recognize Your Emotions

Our emotions often tell us what we value or fear most deeply before we can even put words to them. Recognizing your feelings is a basic step to knowing yourself more. When you are firm with who you are, your values, and your needs, you have a clearer understanding of your priorities in life. You can then express that well to your partner and cooperate with them in making sure they are met and respected.

Communicate Your Feelings and Needs

Your partner is a totally different person who has a unique personality, opinions, and needs just like you do. For a relationship to work out, it is crucial that both partners are able to communicate their respective sides openly and effectively to each other.

Healthy communication avoids compromising too much in a relationship and provides a balance in decision-making. Learning to honestly express how you feel, ask for your needs, and listen with empathy are concrete ways to give each other their proper place and value in a relationship.

Set Boundaries

When you know your personal boundaries, you can tell when someone crosses them, whether intentionally or not. Romantic relationships bring couples closer to each other, physically and emotionally but that doesn’t take away the importance of setting good boundaries for each other.

Boundaries prevent compromising too much in a relationship by keeping your sense of who you are and your self-respect. It reminds others to treat you the way you deserve. Set do’s and don’ts on your behaviors, activities, and decision-making that protects each one’s freedom and helps your love and relationship to flourish at the same time.

Love Yourself

Most of all, learn to love yourself for who you are. You cannot expect others to love and respect you if they don’t see you do that for yourself in the first place. Appreciate your gifts and talents. Know your limitations and be patient with yourself. Recognize your inherent value before being tempted to compromise at the expense of your self-esteem.

Compromising too much in a relationship is never healthy. Disproportion in effort and dominance of one partner’s views hinder unity and mutual understanding as a couple. If not given appropriate attention, this may lead to arguments and hurts, and eventually, the deterioration of your partnership. But when you learn to give and receive rather than take advantage, compromises become a joint effort that leads to greater love and fulfillment in a relationship.

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