The Art of Online Dating: Why Do People Do It?

A woman applying the art of online dating
It’s not as simple as swiping left and right. Learn the art of online dating for higher chances of finding love.

People used to dream of finding love through an unexpected encounter.

These days, however, people proactively search for partners online, taking fate into their own hands.

Instead of relying on the help of their social circle to meet their match, they reach out to strangers on the Internet in an effort to expand their choices.

With this head-on approach to dating, there are now plenty of online dating and matchmaking success stories.

Because of this, you have probably tried your luck in finding a partner using popular dating sites and applications.

However, you may have realized that online dating isn’t as simple as swiping left and right.

Many factors come into play for you to get a match and start a conversation. Without an understanding of how they work together, it’s likely that you’ll get yourself nowhere.

Having said that, it’s time for you to learn the art of online dating to increase your chances of success.

Why People are Looking for Real Love Online

Before anything else, take a peek into the minds of your fellow online daters to further understand how to navigate the online dating landscape.

The following are common reasons why people are looking for real love through the Internet.

1. Global Accessibility

According to research, there are approximately 8,000 dating sites, and the majority of these sites are not exclusive to a single country.

Many of them are available for download regardless of your location.

With the global accessibility provided by these dating sites and apps, people have more diverse options when it comes to finding a partner.

2. Easy Interface

Online dating can seem complicated for non-tech-savvy individuals. They might not know how to use dating apps to their advantage.

However, contrary to that preconceived notion, users can actually navigate dating sites and apps with ease.

For instance, setting up a dating profile is as simple as answering a multiple-choice questionnaire about yourself and your partner preferences.

Moreover, browsing through profiles is as straightforward as swiping left if you’re not interested and swiping right if you are.

3. Convenience

A person looking for real love by finding a match online
With technological advancements, people went from looking for real love offline to online.

When it comes to offline dating, you try to attend numerous social events in the hopes of meeting a potential partner.

However, you could spend all the time in the world and still can’t find anyone to date.

On the other hand, online dating saves you the effort of going out.

In this busy world, it’s this convenience that has allowed many people to make time for love.

How to Find Your Soulmate Online

Now that you’re aware of the different reasons people are seeking love online, it’s no surprise that the majority of singles today are turning to dating sites and apps.

While this is good news, the popularity of online dating also means it’s a highly competitive landscape.

As more people are drawn to the benefits of online dating, it becomes increasingly important for you to learn strategies on how to find your soulmate online.

By doing so, you’ll be a step ahead of the rest and increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

1. Understand the Landscape

The art of online dating is similar to the art of creating an advertisement where you first need to determine your audience.

Indeed, all dating sites and apps cater to singles. However, they narrow down their categories to cater to specific demographics.

For example, some apps exclusively cater to millennials, while others focus on singles above the age of 40.

Additionally, there are apps that cater specifically to singles of a particular religion or those interested in niche communities such as gaming, farming, or sports.

Instead of randomly choosing an application to sign up for, take the time to explore which platform aligns more with your dating preferences. This will help narrow down your search for a compatible partner.

2. Make a Great First Impression

If you want to meet your soulmate online, you’ll need to make a great first impression through your profile.

After completing the multiple-choice questionnaire, dating apps usually require you to upload a profile picture.

A woman trying to meet her soulmate online by taking a flattering profile photo
Know your best angle! Meet your soulmate online by making a good first impression through your photo.

In this case, avoid choosing an avatar, group shots, or blurred photos. Instead, select a flattering image of yourself that you believe reflects who you are.

Next, create an interesting bio.

According to the science of dating, achieving this involves following the 70:30 rule. This means that 70% of the information in your bio should be about yourself, such as your hobbies and interests.

Meanwhile, 30% of the information should focus on your preferences in a partner.

It could also be your response to the question, “What are you looking for on a dating app?” For example, you may be seeking a serious partner, a casual lover, or simply a friend.

3. Send the Perfect First Message

Once you’ve found a match, some apps may require the other person to initiate a conversation with you.

However, if you’re allowed to make the first move, it’s important to send the perfect first message.

To achieve this, avoid using the typical “Hey! How are you?” as your opening line.

Instead, demonstrate genuine interest in getting to know your match by referencing specific information from their profile.

Moreover, keep your message casual and avoid starting with serious topics.

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Navigating the Cons of Online Dating

While there are numerous benefits to being part of the online dating landscape, certain challenges may act as roadblocks in your search for love.

Here are a few of those challenges, along with ways to navigate them and successfully get a girlfriend online.

1. Scams

Due to technological advancements, it has become easy for people to create fake profiles and scam people who are genuinely seeking a serious relationship.

If you come across someone who quickly asks for money or sends you suspicious invitation links, it’s important to take precautions by unmatching or blocking them.

While they may have seemingly legitimate reasons, it’s better to prioritize your safety and be cautious rather than sorry.

2. Higher Risk of Failure

Although there are numerous matchmaking success stories, online dating has a higher risk of failure compared to offline dating.

That’s because even when you meet that special someone, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to maintain communication or meet in person.

 A man wearing an anonymous mask
There are plenty of matchmaking success stories. But beware of scams that serve as roadblocks to finding love

You’re also prone to having more misunderstandings as you both may interpret each other’s messages differently.

Jokes, for example, may be taken literally, potentially leading to an abrupt end to the conversation if your match feels offended.

In this case, make sure to clarify what you meant to say. Also, make it a priority for both of you to be able to meet in person before officially getting into a relationship.

Applying the Art of Online Dating

“Should I try online dating again?”

Now that you’re familiar with how to navigate the pros and cons of the online dating landscape, you may find yourself asking this question.

In that case, go ahead and apply what you have learned.

However, don’t restrict yourself to solely using dating sites and apps to find a partner.

Consider other ways, such as utilizing a matchmaking service, joining interest-based communities, or participating in online events.

Furthermore, keep in mind that, similar to offline dating, online dating does not guarantee finding love.

So be willing to invest effort while managing your expectations.

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