Women Seeking Men: Costa Rica Women and Why They Like American Men

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Why is it that women seeking men in Costa Rica want an American man? A LOT of reasons.

Plenty of men from countries such as the United States have found themselves enamored with women from countries like Costa Rica because they think that those countries are where to find traditional women. Many guys who’ve traveled there have been enthralled by the beauty of the women, so much so that they stayed or asked them to marry them.

A lot of other American men haven’t had the experience of going down to Costa Rica themselves, but are still intrigued by the prospect of marrying foreign women.

But on the flip side, are there any upsides for the local women seeking men in Costa Rica? Do they want some foreign guy to fly and take them away from everything they know? And if they do, what’s so attractive about foreign men, Americans in particular?

Women Seeking Men in Costa Rica Don’t All Want to Leave

It has to be said that a lot of women in Costa Rica don’t want to leave home. Given the choice, many would rather remain in close proximity to friends and families. They will leave if they have to, such as if they fall in love with a foreign man and he can’t stay. But their preference would be to stay where they are, even after marrying someone from a foreign country.

That said, there are many Costa Rican women who want to marry American men and to go to the United States. Some of them would love to travel for a visit and some would move there in a heartbeat because they see the country as a land of opportunity, especially opportunities for them, and many women also have an interest in American culture.

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They Want a Better Life, but Can Provide Their Own

Most of the women in Costa Rica work or are working professionals. Some guys who visit Costa Rica note that the women work like crazy. That being said, a woman looking for a husband is going to want a man with financial stability. They’ll want a man who can support himself and her, even if she’s fully capable of making her own way.

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She’s fully capable of handling herself. But if you can prove you’re your own man, she’ll open up to you.

Many women in Costa Rica are particular when it comes to their future. They want to make sure that there’s going to be food on their tables, roofs over their heads, and that their kids will have everything that they need and as much of what they want as possible.

In Costa Rican culture, a man is supposed to be the breadwinner, so all those things that she wants for her future are things that a man is supposed to provide for.

In that regard, a lot of women seeking men in Costa Rica will be drawn to American men who earn comparatively higher wages than anything that can be found in Costa Rica outside of its most privileged sectors.

American Men Have Big Dreams

Related to the above, American men are also seen as being more ambitious when it comes to their careers. Women in Costa Rica are drawn to them because of that perceived ambitiousness.

They see in an American man someone who can not only provide a better life now, but will be able to provide an even better one down the line. So it’s not just that American men represent a better life in the present, it’s also that they represent the possibility of an even brighter future for her and whatever kids she has or may have later in life.

A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone. A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone.

American Men Let Their Partners Be Equals

While men are expected to be the providers and to take the lead, many Costa Rican women value having agency in their lives. But a lot of guys who are raised in the culture aren’t great at deferring any decisions that aren’t related to housework to their female partners. They see it as an assault on their manhood and feel less masculine when their female partners have agency.

So many women down in Costa Rica are interested in American men because their perception of American men is that they know when to lead and when to defer to her. By marrying an American man, many of them believe that they’ll have their agency while also having a man who can be the head of the family.

American Men Want Costa Rican Women Bring to the Table

Many guys who don’t know where to find a good woman to marry back at home often turn to women from foreign countries. So when they do find a good woman in those countries, they value them and hold on tight.

For that reason, many Costa Rican women find themselves attracted to American men because they’re the men who are going to recognize their value and treat them the way they feel that they deserve to be treated.

A foreign man who comes to Costa Rica wants to find genuine love and happiness with a beautiful woman and a Costa Rica Tica will want a man who wants that. So when a foreign guy comes around and he wants to have what she wants to give, he’s going to be able to sweep her off her feet.

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Costa Rican women love that American men love them.

American Men Are More Aware of Latin Culture than Other Foreigners

Plenty of foreign men descend on countries like Costa Rica in search of a woman to marry. But what is it about American men in particular that is attractive? Is it America’s place in the global hegemony? Is it American soft power portraying American men as desirable?

Or is it simply geographic proximity as Costa Rica, depending on the time of year, has overlapping time zones with Central Standard or Mountain Standard time in the United States?

The proximity actually plays a part in it. American men, because of the large Latin American population in the United States, are more aware of Latin culture. They’re more exposed to it.

Outside of Latin America, there aren’t many countries with large Latin American populations, so not a lot of foreign men have any experience with Latin culture outside of its portrayals in international media.

So, American men, who’ve grown up with acquaintances who have Latin heritage or even have it themselves, are going to be more desirable to a Costa Rican woman than some guy from Great Britain whose exposure to the culture is going on holiday to Ibiza (in Spain) one time.

American men represent something special for women seeking men in Costa Rica. They represent the kind of man that they want, who can give them the life that they want, but who is also aware and respectful of their background. It’s for this reason that many women in Costa Rica are enamored with American men.

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