International Matchmaking vs. Local Dating Platforms

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International matchmaking was a popular option before modern dating.

It’s no surprise that online dating has become nearly ubiquitous. The last few years have shown that it’s an effective way to find and connect with singles, at any time and any place.

But before all the apps and sites, singles looked for people through matchmaking. You may wonder: why go through that tactic? Doesn’t that make things feel forced and inorganic?

For those unaware, there was a time when people flocked to matchmakers to look for partners. Approaching an international matchmaker was the most viable option until dedicated dating websites and apps took over and dominated the market.

How is modern online dating different from international matchmaking? Let’s look into their similarities and differences.


What is matchmaking all about? Is it far off from modern dating, or does it go along with the current trends?

Before we get to the comparisons, here’s how matchmaking works. The concept involves introducing and setting up two people as potential marriage partners.

The History

Before the boom of dating apps and sites, matchmakers were the go-to resource for singles.

This concept existed as early as the Middle Ages. Eastern European and Russian Jewish communities had professional matchmakers (shadkhan) arrange unions. The musical Fiddler on the Roof famously portrays this specific tradition.

A shadkan received a percentage of the dowries for their services. They were held in high regard because these communities were relatively isolated. The fact that courtship wasn’t encouraged during that period also helped raise their values.

Matchmaking was also a popular option in ancient Greece. A promnestria (female matchmaker) was in charge of conveying proposals and negotiating match details. However, her job came with a risk. If the marriage became an unhappy one, the promnestria received all the blame.

Some countries’ matchmaking traditions had ties to seasons. In the case of ancient China, they looked to the arrival of swallows during springtime. This symbolized that matchmaking season had already begun.

The Pros and Cons of Matchmaking

Matchmaking was a viable medium during its time. However, it had its downsides. Below are some of the common benefits and drawbacks people have experienced:

Pro #1: Efficiency

One major benefit of enlisting an international matchmaking service is that they don’t waste people’s time. Since people pay them a significant amount, they make sure to deliver efficient results.

Matchmaking isn’t clicking or swiping on a face and crossing your fingers for good luck. Real people gather your preferences, sift through many candidates, and choose the best ones that align with your wants and needs. They do the hard work so you don’t have to. All you need to do is show up and be a great date.

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Hiring an international matchmaker has its pros and cons.

With matchmakers, you won’t run out of options. If things don’t work out between you and a match, you’ll find yourself on a date with another one not long after.

Pro #2: Increased Confidence

Matchmakers add to your confidence. How? They help boost your online image and offer coaching and other helpful services. You can always use additional information, and adding extra skills won’t hurt your chances.

Pro #3: Quality Matches

Since matchmakers know your preferences and priorities, they also know you’re 100% serious about finding a long-term partner. Matchmaking agencies conduct rigorous background checks on clients and matches to ensure safe experiences.

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Costa Rica Women Content Video
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Con #1: Expenses

Rates may vary, but hiring a matchmaking service will cost you a lot. If you have the money for it, it’s an option worth pursuing. But if you’re on a tight budget, it may be wise to avoid it.

Con #2: Possible Invasion of Personal Space

Matchmakers ask clients questions to gauge their likes and dislikes. They may even go deeper and ask for more personal answers. This may be intimidating, especially for people who are extremely guarded about their personal lives.

Con #3: No Guaranteed Results

Matchmaking is a thorough practice. And that’s a good thing! Who doesn’t like a service that doesn’t skim over details?

As great as that sounds, there is a downside. The thorough planning and execution that comes with matchmaking means you may have to wait for a significant period. The waiting period may take days, weeks, or months. If you want a quick fix, perhaps matchmaking isn’t the best solution for you.

Dedicated Dating Platforms

If international matchmaking was popular back then, people nowadays have flocked to websites and apps dedicated to dating. Building connections, especially long-distance ones, isn’t a problem because most interactions are online.

One-on-one matchmaking is as quick as a few swipes or clicks. More often than not, online dating sites for singles have easy registration processes. They only require basic user information (name, address, birth date, etc.), and sign-ups typically take less than ten minutes.

One of the great things about modern online dating platforms is that they can cater to specific niches. Let’s say, for example, you’re prioritizing a specific destination or type of woman. You won’t have much difficulty matching your preferences because some platforms target them.

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The site prides itself on being one of the first online global marriage agencies. Our primary audience are men who want to meet Costa Rican singles looking for committed and serious relationships. We have a dedicated team helping men and local women connect, even from a distance.

On the site, matchmaking doesn’t stop at letters and chats. What makes us unique is our tour services. They allow you to not only encounter and interact with Costa Rican singles, but also let you explore the beautiful Central American country.

Making Your Choice

Many online dating platforms say they’ve got what you’re looking for, and we’re no exception. Here are some convincing reasons to join our Costa Rica dating site:

#1: Legitimacy and Accountability

The site carries its name while conducting its services. Our website contains everything you need to know about us. If you have questions or inquiries, our staff will readily answer and address them.

Company names provide accountability, legitimacy, and security. We assure you we mean business.

#2: Strict Verification

Every profile on the site goes through a meticulous verification process. This ensures the legitimacy of all the submitted details, from names to pictures. Catfishing and other scams have no room on this site.

#3: Safe Meetups

Our tour services assure you that your meetups with matches are safe. Staff members arrange them to guarantee enjoyable and stress-free dates.

International matchmaking may be fun, but it can also be risky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Do you want a change from old-school matchmaking? You can shift to this site if you want a safe and enjoyable experience. You’ll find beautiful Costa Rican women who are searching for the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

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