Will Her EX Be a Problem?

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Ex-lovers can sometimes stir up problems when dating Latina women. Don’t waver and fight for your love.

What do you do with broken glass?

If your CD player no longer works, are you still using it?

You often discard damaged objects. You can’t use them anymore. You don’t push something that’s broken, just like you don’t push something that won’t work in a relationship. If you do, you’ll probably end up broken.

When you date Latina women, your life changes. For her, you need to be a better man. It helps you to accept and respect a culture that is vastly different from your own. Above everything, it allows you to have a unique love experience.

Courting someone can be challenging. Not only do you have to deal with your doubts, but you also have to deal with other potential partners who are interested in her.

But what if a potential partner is an ex-boyfriend? Would you still be interested in her? Would you be willing to take the risk? It’s a difficult decision that no one wishes to make. Clearly, dating a Latina is not for the weak.

For a brave man like you, here are some points to tell whether her ex will be a problem or not in your relationship.

Does she let go of things?

Yes. If she still feels upset over their breakup, then clearly her ex will be a problem. It’s an indication that she hasn’t moved on from their past yet.

Take it as a sign to speak with her if she expresses deep sorrow or rage. No woman should wish for another man in your presence.

No. Latina women have a good sense of self-determination. They move forward positively after a breakup. They wouldn’t have any feelings for an ex and wouldn’t be affected in any way unlike before.

It would be your loss if you get to be with a woman like this. It’s not every day that you find true love after a heartbreak, so treasure it while you can.

 A broken heart.
When relationship problems arise, knowing your worth is a way to cope. It’s unhealthy to dismiss a red flag.

Does she keep tabs on social media?

Yes. It’s a red flag when your partner keeps tabs on her ex through social media. Asking her about it won’t help because she’ll just give you lame excuses. There’s no need to bring up a person who belongs in the past, specifically around you.

No. You should be with a woman who isn’t connected to her ex in any way, even through social media. Regardless of their shared ties, no ex-lovers remain friends. If you don’t want to be hurt, don’t put up with this kind of behavior.

Does she reminisce about the past?

Yes. This is common among those who have recently broken up with an ex. It’s difficult to move on from one relationship to the next, but that’s no excuse to upset someone. Sit down and talk with a Latina woman if she seems to be focusing too much on the past.

No. It’s hard to forget everything there is to know about someone. It’s likely that you, too, might feel the same way. Even if she shared memories with an ex, it won’t be a problem if she never brings it up with you.

Does she continue to be friends with her ex?

Yes. People have different views about whether or not to remain friends with an ex. However, if a Latina woman texts or calls an ex-lover, perhaps share about what’s going on in their lives, that’s a red flag. Her ex will indeed be a problem in your relationship.

No. Meeting someone who has cut off all ties with an ex is one of the early signs of a good relationship. You won’t have to worry about her ex messing with your relationship if you’re dating a woman like this. This shows that she is fully ready to be with you.

Does she hold on to mementos?

Yes. It isn’t pleasant to know that the person you’re with holds on to things linked to her previous relationship. No one wants this. When a Latina woman refuses to let go of these particular mementos, then she isn’t ready yet. If this happens, save yourself from heartbreak.

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It's a good sign when a partner considers your feelings. Do the same for her, too.

No. It’s pure love if having you by her side makes her forget about the past. If you’re the man who makes her ex-lovers insignificant, you’re totally with the right woman. By doing so, she has no intention of ruining the relationship and her ex would be the least of your worries.

Does she show less emotional connection?

Yes. One sign that your partner isn’t fully ready for you is having a weak emotional bond. Chances might be she’s just using you to numb the pain if you don’t really bond like how couples should.

Genuine love takes time to grow, and you don’t have to rush to know exactly how you feel about each other. But if she likes her ex more than you, there’s no need to stay together.

No. You can tell how sincere she is by looking into her eyes. Sometimes, actions matter more than words. A woman head over heels in love with you sees you as the best match for her.

Does she like Revisiting Places?

Yes. One of the signs of a bad relationship is when she takes you to places she’s been with an ex. It’s a blatant show of disrespect. She’s plainly insensitive to what you might feel.

You know that it isn’t necessary for her to take you there, but why?

No. When she creates new memories with you, it’s love. When you try new things and go to places only for you, you’d have nothing to worry about. You’re definitely blessed to be dating a woman like this.

Moving Forward

You get stronger after heartbreak. You can’t stop it from happening and you’ll only end up being gullible if you don’t experience such.

Pain teaches you the best. The more you know a person isn’t for you, the closer you get to the one for you.

Latina women have everything you can ask for a partner. But if she isn’t completely over an ex, protect yourself and move forward. Know that you aren’t responsible for her in any way. She is accountable for her hardships, and letting it out on you will never be acceptable.

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