Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica: Great Valentine's Gift Ideas

A couple at the beach celebrating Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica.
Make your Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica exciting and memorable.

If you want to charm a Tica, you better get ready for the day of hearts.

Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica is like any other in the world. Love is in the air, shops are filled with traditional Valentine’s gifts, and restaurants are packed with couples.

Costa Ricans have a name for the 14th day of February: El dia Del Amor y la Amistad, which translates to the “Day of Love and Friendship.”

Whether you are still in the friendly stage or several years married, this day is for you and your special someone. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loving gesture may it be grand or simple and let your partner know how much she means to you.

Here are some Valentine gift ideas and date options to make the day more special for you and your partner.

Valentine Gift Ideas

There are many kinds of gifts out there but what you want is one that speaks of your love and devotion most eloquently. From the staple ones to the less thought of, here is a list of ideas for that perfect V-Day present.

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You might think it’s not very original but you’ll never go wrong with the classic gift of Valentine’s flowers. Offering a beautiful bouquet to a Tica would make her instantly feel loved and appreciated. Flowers show your admiration of her beauty and femininity. It tells her that she is a special lady that you care about and cherish. Plus, seeing you carry a bouquet as you approach her automatically makes you the most romantic person in her eyes.


Nothing expresses your love more sweetly than chocolates. It’s one of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts but it’s always a hit, especially with Costa Rican women. Chocolates are a delight, inciting happiness and passion. Who said candies are only for kids? It’s not even about the taste, but more about the thought as chocolates have become an iconic present—together with flowers—for loved ones.

Valentine Card

If you give her flowers and chocolate boxes, make sure they come with a card or letter. This may sound cheesy but many women would include this in their top Valentine’s Day wishlist. A personally written message with any gift would make it more heartfelt and memorable. Expressing your thoughts and feelings about her and your relationship will be a reassuring testament that she can keep. A short letter of love and appreciation never fails to tickle the fancy of Costa Rican women.

Valentine’s flowers with a card.
If you’re giving a Tica a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers, make sure to complete it with a personally-written card.

Customized Jewelry

Adorning your lady with jewelry will make her feel like royalty. Even more if you give her a customized necklace or bracelet. You can have her name etched on the pendant or have the pendant itself customized according to something dear to her, may it be an animal she loves, flowers, or a particular symbol. Ticas will love showing off this unique charm, a shining token of your love.

Framed Photo/ Photo Book

Costa Rican women are hopeless romantics who cherish every moment with their loved ones. Gifting her a framed photo or better yet a compilation of several chosen photos of you together will be a joy to her. Flipping through the pages while walking down memory lane will send her heart aflutter and let her know you treasure them as well.

Couple Items

Another Valentine gift idea is getting “couple items” for you and your partner. These may be couple shirts that show off your mutual affection or couple mugs perfect for coffee dates. You can also find necklaces, rings, or other jewelry that come by pair, showing that you are each other’s better half. Your partner will surely be giddy about this and will use them right away for your next date.

Gift Card

If you’re still not sure what gift to buy, you can present your partner with gift cards and they can choose the gift themselves. You can treat her to a salon or spa, which will be a well-deserved relaxation time, especially if she’s always busy and often stressed out. You can also get a gift card for a boutique or shopping mall where she can splurge for herself.

Unique Date Ideas

With your gift at hand, the next thing is to prepare for the date itself. While romantic candle-lit dinners are tried and tested, taking a different style might be the way to go. Here are some unique date ideas you might want to try out when dating Costa Rican women.

Adventure Trip

Many Ticas love the outdoors and with a tropical paradise at your feet, your Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica can be a romantic adventure. You can go hiking, camping, or swimming. Have a picnic at the beach or go on a road trip. There are many sights to see in Costa Rica and if you’re into extreme adventures, you can even try water rafting, canyoning, or zipline, provided your date is into such activities herself.

A Costa Rican woman and a white man on a date.”
Many Costa Rican women love the outdoors, which can be an option for your Valentine’s date.

Go to a Concert

Music brings hearts together, especially on Valentine’s Day. If your lady is musically inclined, it will be worth checking the concert schedules. Maybe her favorite singer or band is playing and it will be awesome to surprise her with tickets. She’ll appreciate you for remembering her favorite artist and making an effort for both of you to see them.

Art Activities

If your partner is into art, she will enjoy going to an art exhibit or a museum. Try to find out which genre or artist she prefers and see if there is an exhibit linked to that in your area. Spend time together admiring paintings, discussing masterpieces, and discovering new works of art. Even if you’re not artsy yourself, it will be an opportunity for you to get to know her better. That will make Costa Rican women appreciate you even more.

Sports Events

Most Costa Ricans are known to be sports enthusiasts, even the women. Attending a sports event will make Valentine’s Day even more special for her. You can also go and play some sports with her. You can have a friendly match of her favorite sport, be it soccer, tennis, or badminton. Physical activities are fun and de-stressing. Of course, it’s not about competition but enjoying each other’s company and helping each other to be fit.

Cooking or Baking

For those who have a sweet tooth or love getting busy in the kitchen, cooking or baking may be the perfect activity for you. Make her favorite food or try out a new recipe together. The advantage is that not only will you indulge your love for cooking, but you will also have a meal or dessert prepared for your dinner date.

These are just some tips and ideas to help you prepare for Valentine’s Day. You can put some twists on them or make an entirely different plan. Remember, you know your lady best, so feel free to add your personal touches and creativity to make your Valentine’s Day excursion in Costa Rica truly unforgettable.

In the end, it’s not about how extravagant your gift is or how perfect your date will be. What matters is that you make these efforts out of love for your sweetheart. Simply being together and expressing your affection will make your Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica sweet and memorable.

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