Being Ghosted By Latin Women? GET OVER IT!

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When ghosted by Latin women, here are ways you can bounce back.

If you’re using online dating sites, then you should know that with an easy way of finding a date comes the easy way of being ghosted or the other way around. For those that don’t know, ghosting is when a person stops communication or responding to you without any explanation. Basically, it’s a form of rejection but without the confrontation. However, such a thing can also happen in the traditional form of dating. You met some local Hispanic singles and you both seemed mutually interested for days, weeks, or months until one day, you hear nothing from these Latin women.

Anyone who has ever been ghosted has been left with a tremendous blow to their self-esteem, as well as discouraged by the woman who did the ghosting. Just like anyone, if you were recently just ghosted, you have the right to get hurt. This is especially true when you’ve had some significant moments with her. But feeling the pain of being ghosted doesn’t give you an excuse to mope around and retreat yourself into the safe zone of not dating again for a considerable length of time!

Take comfort in the fact that when you’re ghosted by Latin girls, it’s not much about you. It’s mostly just all about her. Secondly, let’s assume that you met her via online dating. Another thing you need to know about is that there are many women in Latin America who want to see if they’re still considered attractive by other guys, join these platforms even if they already have had partners due to boredom and low self-esteem. In short, they simply want to test the dating waters to find out whether they are still desirable.

With so many friends and connections you can have in social media, a thousand FB friends or hundreds of Linkedin connections for instance, relationships may just be easily disposable as well. There are many other reasons she abruptly disappears. For one, she might have a fear in committing to a serious relationship should she feel you’re going in that direction.

No matter the possible reasons, stop pondering about it. Overthinking in this situation is counterproductive from your goal of really getting through it. Unless you made a blatant mistake, there’s nothing wrong with you. Here are ways you can bounce back from the pain of being ghosted:

Acknowledge the pain

As said, it’s normal that you feel hurt after seeing someone new whether through a dating site or not and your connection seems to be going well but in a snap, you hear nothing from her again. It’s painful because you had a close grasp of something good and it’s cruelly and suddenly taken away from you without a single word. You may feel not just angry but also confused and with a sense of having done something wrong. It hurts that you had hoped for a relationship with her, so it’s totally okay that you give yourself to it for some time.

Give yourself some sympathy

While it’s easier that you give empathy to others, it might not be always that way when it comes to ourselves. The thought of having done a mistake may gnaw at you, but this is the time you give yourself the sympathy and understanding you so deserve. Feeling the pain is an indication that you’re an emotionally healthy human being. On the other hand, it also helps letting your empathy toward your online interest reign. It may really just be all about her, her fear of commitment, or unreadiness. Combined with self sympathy, you’ll sooner see it’s not your loss but hers on letting a great man like you go. As much as possible, you’re the one to wish her luck as it may be her who has some issues and not you.

Talk about it with other people

Get past the stigma of men not being men when they’re far from being invulnerable, void of feeling, or close to it. Well, research proves that it’s important for men to be in touch with their emotions. Conveying your feelings and thoughts to another person can change your brain patterns, which can significantly help you process your painful experiences and get out from difficult episodes in life. If you’re not comfortable talking to your friends or family, you can always hire a therapist to hear you out and suggest ways you can handle hard times.

Take care of your health

By health, it means your psychological and physical health. A lot of research claims that being healthy in these aspects can help you better manage psychic pain. As simple as eating healthily, getting some exercise, and having enough sleep can lift you up from this emotional downtime.

Determine if you need a closure

No one deserves to be ghosted. But confronting the ghosting is a different matter. Before you get in touch with that person again, you have to ask yourself this question: Will trying to contact her again help you feel better? If you think it is, then you might need some closure. However, there’s also a chance that hearing from her may end up making you feel more rejected and your self-esteem would be further damaged. But if it saves you from overthinking, then might as well give it a go. However, remember not to blame yourself for misreading her signals over again, okay? The important thing is you accept the results whether you hear from her or not.

The right way of texting her

If you have decided that you need to text the woman ghosting you, you need to text her the right way. When phased out, you can say, “Hey, I haven’t heard from you these past few days. So I assume you’re no longer interested in this. I just need you to be upfront with me because I want to know where I stand.” Or if you’re downright ghosted, you can tell her, “I haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope you were just honest with me because it would be really rude to leave someone hanging.” Really, it depends on you. It’s somehow reassuring that you get this pointed out.

Let it go

Whether or not that closure attempt ended up the way you wanted it to be or you never had it, whatever happens you will feel better when you choose to let it go. But, of course, it’s still up to you to decide when you’re ready to move on. Remember that it’s always best not to waste your time with a person who’s not into you as much as you were into her.

If you’ve gotten over it, it’s time to get back to dating Latin women with a better and experienced version of you. Luckily, you can find plenty of potential Latina partners by browsing through our site.

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