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Understand the significance of coffee in the lives of Costa Rican women before your first date!

Costa Rica is the largest producer of coffee in the globe with production amounting to over 1.5 million bags a year. Since the 1700s, Costa Ricans have been exploring the potential of crops, especially coffee.

Home to diverse wildlife, perfect soil, and climate, the country is ideal for growing the best kind of coffee made from Arabica species. Coffee manufactured from Arabica species contains the least amount of caffeine yet retain the most desirable flavors. This has resulted in Costa Rica’s winning of various international contests and certifications.

For centuries, coffee has played a huge role among the people of Costa Rica. They have always taken their coffee seriously, following their traditional ways of brewing which is using a chorreador, a coffee-making device in Costa Rica.

The cloth functions as a drip coffee filter suspended on a wire frame and then filled with hot but not boiled water. They normally add milk after brewing. Costa Rican women describe the taste as having more of a Costa Rican coffee flavor.

The country’s savvy in terms of coffee led to the nationwide prohibition of subpar quality coffee. For instance, in 1989, the production of Robusta coffee was banned. Consequently, coffee farmers have stopped producing Catimores coffee due to its poor quality issues. Costa Rican coffee became the most expensive coffee sold in Starbucks stores and is mostly sold out less than a day.

Despite it sounding like Costa Rican women have the best taste in coffee, this shouldn’t intimidate you from taking them to a coffee date for your first meet-up, especially when you’re traveling to Costa Rica. Read on why it could be the best first date idea.

Why Coffee Meetup Is the Best First Date Idea

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Know why meeting up for a coffee date is the best first date idea.

Ever wondered how you can hit a date right the first time around? Going out on a coffee date is so underestimated. Compared to going to restaurants that serve famous Costa Rican dishes, galas, or on other date ideas that sound exciting, meeting up for coffee for a first date just doesn’t sound like a romantic fantasy. However, here are the reasons a coffee meetup is worth considering for a first date idea:

  • It’s ideal for conversation.
    In the most practical sense, a coffee date serves as a pre-date. It’s natural for both sides to be anxious and, possibly, awkward, whether or not it’s their first time seeing each other. This is especially true for those who have just initially known their dates through online dating.
    However, with two hot beverages between you, there’s nothing else to do but keep on sitting and going through the chit chat. It doesn’t defeat the purpose of a first date, and that is, to know the other person better.
    It’s the best option there is to gauge whether a date is worth leading on to a second meetup or not. With a hot cup of coffee, a small round table, and conversation, you are likely to discover more about the person more than any other traditional dating ideas out there.
  • You can choose to prolong the date.
    The best part of a 4:00 p.m. coffee date is that you have the choice to leave just shortly after or take it farther. Not to be blunt, but if you don’t feel the date, you can always have your way out. Coffee is inexpensive and doesn’t take a long time to consume. Especially if your initial impression sounds wrong, trust your guts and order a small one.
    You can let them know you’re done and good to go. Escape is as easy as that. However, if you feel that the recipe for a romantic relationship is present, you can freely suggest that you go out for dinner or a walk around the city, which this time, will happen with a new romantic prospect. At the end of the day, you’ve likely had an amazing date that had lasted for several hours and an agreement for a second meetup.
  • Caffeine wakes you up.
    Your day may be incomplete without a hug on your mug of coffee. If you’re the type that relies on coffee for a daily booster, you know how much coffee wakes your functions up and gets you going. With a whole lot of energy, those awkward silences are replaced with an upbeat atmosphere.
    You get to be bubblier and quicker-witted than you usually are, keeping the conversation going. In the stage of getting to know each other better, basically, a first date is really just like an interview. What seems like an interview in a crowded bar would sound normal in a sunny cafe.
    Most importantly, choosing coffee over alcohol wouldn’t get you drunk. Perhaps you’re too honest or become whatever when you get drunk. Coffee, on the other hand, allows you to be your best self.
  • Coffee time is super casual and can be at any time of the day.
    There wouldn’t be a need to dress up. After work, you can just head over to the coffee shop and grab a coffee alongside Costa Rican desserts with the other person.
    If it’s cold, order a warm beverage and, hopefully, engage in some equally warm conversation. If it’s hot, get into the patio with an iced coffee. All you need is to just be you.
    Furthermore, going to bars and restaurants is more time-consuming than a coffee date as the latter lets both of you meet at any time of the day. Even if you have a big day for the next, you surely will still be at your best and not worry about a hangover.
  • You get hints of your date’s personality through their coffee order.
    Firstly, you can tell a lot about people, especially your date, by how they interact with the coffee shop’s employees. Do they talk down to the barista serving the coffee? Or do they want their beverages to be very hot? Somehow, warm drinks are linked to the warmth of mood.
    On the other hand, the coffee that you order reveals your personality as well. For instance, if you are an espresso drinker, most likely you’re a natural-born leader. If you prefer a double espresso, you could be someone who believes in logic and an extremely practical person.

Keep this in mind if on a quandary of making decisions for your first date’s whereabouts. A coffee date is not that ordinary after all. Magic is in the air with you and your date’s hands around a coffee cup.

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