Low-Cost Dating in Costa Rica

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First dates shouldn’t be so expensive as it can be. Here are some cheap ways of dating in Costa Rica.

Dating in Costa Rica can prove to be very costly. So now, you may be torn between making a beautiful Costa Rican woman feel special but at the same time wary that you may end up having to break the bank. Consider going on low-cost dates. Cheap dates doesn’t mean boring; it only means you just need to be a little more creative with planning your date.

There are so many cheap date ideas you can come up by yourself if you try to think out of the box. It would gain you a brownie point with your date, too, since it shows you were putting on some efforts of thinking and making it come to life.

Here are some low-cost ideas you can try on your date:

Cheap But Romantic Date Ideas

  1. Go to an open mic night. It could be about spoken word poetry, singing, or stand-up comedies. You never know what kind of talent you will witness.
  2. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Watching the sun go up or down is just pure delight even if done alone. But with a date on your side, it becomes more romantic.
  3. Go out for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but cheaper when compared to going out for dinner. Who says you can’t date early in the morning? You may just have to order eggs, pancakes, and bacon, then you’re good to go
  4. Browse at a bookstore. Go to bookstores that are on sale to take advantage of some discounts. You may be able to find books that you both will like, which, if you both buy, then you can have some reading activity on the same book after you part.
  5. Watch a sporting event. If you know that your Costa Rican date is interested in sports, you can chat to her about your highschool glory days as a volleyball champ or what, and ask her out to watch in a local college or high school game. Because, you know, watching the pros play isn’t going to be cheap.
  6. A long walk around the neighborhood. Or around the city. Really, it depends on you. Your date night is still going to be romantic even if you walk around and sweat some. But make sure you get to know each other along the way.
  7. Volunteer together. One good thing to do in the pacific coast is to help others. Use your time to serve in an elderly home or a homeless shelter. It’s amazing how you can bond while helping others.
  8. Test drive an expensive car. You don’t have to buy it. Just drive around the town, and voila, you both get to experience how it feels like driving an expensive car.
  9. Take her to a coffee shop. Ordering a cup of coffee will not hurt your pocket as you can always choose to buy beverages that fit your budget. Plus, coffee dates give the best opportunity for conversation. And if you’re on a first date and you don’t feel any connection with her, parting ways is relatively easy.
  10. Find a free class and take it together. It could be about local songwriting sessions, spoken word poetry, or anything that you both are interested in learning.
  11. Go to a library and make a book club for two. Borrow two books for each of you and discuss it as you go or when you meet again.
  12. Join free yoga. Most yoga studios offer free classes. The more awkward you can get in poses, the more fun it is going together.

At Home Date Ideas

  1. Eat takeout by candlelight. Candlelit dinners aren’t just romantic when in a fancy restaurant. It feels just as special when you’re meeting a woman in Costa Rica at your home for a date.
  2. Play board games. Even the classics, like Clue and Monopoly, are still fun! You can also try some strategy games, like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan. It’s also more fun if you invite some friends over.
  3. Play a video game or two. Or even mobile games.
  4. Stargaze from your backyard. If you live in the heart of a city, you can watch the shining lights of homes and buildings right on your rooftop. But if you don’t, let your backyard be the venue for stargazing. Grab a blanket, cuddle, and look up!
  5. Look at old photos. Get your old family albums and old video tapes. It’s a great opportunity to let your date know more about you, your childhood, and the people who shaped you.
  6. Have a picnic on the floor. You don’t have to be outdoors in good weather to have a picnic. Spread a picnic mat on the floor of your living room and you’re good to go!
  7. Take online relationship tests. The main purpose of going out on a date with Costa Rica girlfriends is to know them better. Taking online relationship tests is one of the best ways to do so. You may even find out what her love language is.
  8. Binge watch on Netflix. Pick a TV show or movies and binge watch with your date till the end.
  9. Stay up all night talking. Don’t you sometimes feel nostalgic at 3 in the morning? Staying wide awake till dawn will inevitably lead you to a heart to heart conversation.
  10. Cook BBQ. It’s always cheaper when you cook at home, right?
  11. Make beverages and drink them on your balcony or patio. Like food, you can always save when you make some at home! Cocktails, floats, milkshakes, or ice cream sundaes—you name it! Instead of going out and having to buy these for 10-15 bucks, your homemade drinks and desserts will be cheaper than those you buy in shops.
  12. Make a time capsule. It’s something you make for historical records of objects or writings, which you can both agree to open in the future.

There are plenty of other budget-friendly ideas you can try when dating in Costa Rica. Take turns in coming up with date ideas, even with a specific range of up to 10 dollars. So grab your thinking cap and start planning!

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