Keeping Long-Distance Relationships Alive in 2022

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Every relationship has its challenges. For long-distance relationships, physical separation is the most obvious obstacle.

Sure, you might be used to sleeping and waking up alone. But the fact remains that the distance between you and your partner sucks. And the convenience of modern-day technology can’t totally compensate for that.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of LDRs. You can still keep the sparks flying despite the distance. Make your relationship stronger through these no-nonsense tips.

Set realistic expectations.

Physical distance, different time zones, and keeping track of your finances are some of the most common obstacles in LDRs. These three factors will continue to challenge you as you try to meet and get in touch with your partner as much as possible.

Since your relationship is bound to encounter hurdles that are beyond your control, you and your partner should have honest discussions about your needs and limits.

What’s manageable for you may not hold true for them. If you feel the need to set boundaries, don’t hesitate to do so.

Reasonable expectations make LDRs happier and healthier. Make sure you’re on the same page about your preferences and always practice open communication.

Keep doing normal couple things.

You may be apart, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing normal relationship things. Your arrangement allows you to get creative with dates and other activities most couples do. Fun ideas like virtual museum tours, FaceTime anniversary dinners, and Netflix Party binges make for great date nights.

Being in different time zones can be annoying, but you can make it work. Make spontaneous gestures that let your partner know that you’re thinking about them.

Send them a gift, write them a letter, and have them listen to a song you think they’ll like – there’s an abundance of sweet things you can do to make them happy.

Be emotionally available.

We can all use a shoulder to cry on during our most vulnerable moments. Although you can’t physically turn to your partner for support, you can more than make up for that by being emotionally available for each other. This means sharing your thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

If your partner is going through a difficult time, lend a listening ear as they pour their heart out. This will show them that they’ll always have someone in their corner – even at a distance.

Become the best version of yourself.

Being heavily invested in a relationship is a given. However, your world shouldn’t revolve around it. You need room for personal growth as well.

Independence is an important part of healthy LDRs (and relationships in general). Use your “me time” to do things that make you happy. Go on that trip you’ve always wanted. Pick up a new hobby or two. Catch up with family and friends whom you haven’t seen in a while.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you should feel lonely. Take this time to enjoy your own company. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have by yourself.

Long-distance relationships can work – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Hopefully, the tips above will inspire you to keep your love alive despite the distance.

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