Fun Date Ideas to Try This Couple Appreciation Month

Couple at the beach
Couple Appreciation Month is the perfect time to try out new date ideas.

What is Couple Appreciation Month?

It’s a special holiday that’s similar to Valentine’s Day.

Like Valentine’s, couples spend this holiday bonding and going on dates. It’s not as extravagant or commercialized as Valentine’s Day. But the concept is similar – date nights, flowers, chocolates, and grand gestures of love – hence why people call it 2nd Valentine’s Day.

Couple Appreciation Month is the perfect excuse to go out on multiple dates with your lover. It’s an opportunity to try out some date ideas without worrying about overcrowded restaurants and fully-booked establishments.

If you missed out on February 14, make up for it this April. And if you’re stumped on ideas, here are a couple of suggestions. Hopefully, these will help spice things up with your lover.

Date Ideas for Couples

Couples who live together or in the same area can conveniently meet up whenever. However, going to the same place and doing the same thing can get boring. So if you’ve run out of places to go and activities to do as a couple, here are a few fun ideas for dates that you might enjoy:

  1. Go on a vacation. If there is someplace you and your partner have always wanted to go, why not visit it on April 1? Couple Appreciation Month itself is on that day. While you still have time, plan your vacation. It does not matter if it’s a domestic or international destination. What matters is the experience you make while on the trip.

  2. Attend a neighboring city’s festival. If there’s an upcoming festival near your city, attend with your partner. Experience what the locals there do and celebrate it with them.

  3. Standard dinner date at a five-star restaurant. If you want to experience fine dining, five-star restaurants are your best bet. They are perfect for romantic dates, especially since Couples Appreciation Month isn’t as commercialized as Valentine’s Day. So you won’t have competition for reservations.

  4. Couple cooking together
    There are plenty of fun ideas to try this Couples Appreciation Month, and cooking together is one of them.
  5. Join a cooking class. It will be a nice change for once. If one of you is used to cooking for the other, then it will be a new experience to try doing it together. And if you’ve already tried cooking together before, then attend a cooking class. Learn new techniques and recipes from a professional together with other couples. It’s an interesting form of adventure.

  6. Go stargazing. Nothing is more romantic than looking at the stars together. If your roof has a safe spot for you to sit or lay down on, try spending the night there. Watch the stars with your partner. You can even bring a basket and have a small picnic while you talk.

  7. Picnic. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a restaurant, then go on a picnic instead. Go to a park, the beach, or somewhere quiet and nice. It’s more intimate and special since you both put in the effort to make the food.

  8. Outdoor activities. Horseback riding, bungee jumping, ziplining, or going on a hot air balloon – the list is endless. If you’re looking for cute date ideas, then you should pick activities that get your heart pumping especially if you and your partner are adrenaline junkies.

  9. Go shopping. Shopping is soothing for some people. If you both love buying things, try shopping for something big and expensive together. If you have the money, buy something completely ridiculous, so you two have something to remind you of your date.

  10. Spa day. Book for a couple’s massage and spoil yourselves silly with self-care and wellness. Go to a spa or invite a massage therapist at home, whatever makes you two comfortable.

  11. Try wine tasting. There are wine tasting tours that you two could join. You don’t have to be a connoisseur, of course. If you love wine, try it out so you can experience new flavors. If you haven’t tried wine, then this might be a good opportunity to try it for the first time. Of course, that’s only if you two have no problems with consuming alcohol.

Date Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

Not all couples are lucky enough to live near each other. Long-distance couples struggle more than others because of literal distance. Finding the time to visit is especially hard for them. If your partner lives abroad, but you two still want to celebrate Couples’ Month, here are date suggestions:

  1. Virtual romantic dinner. You probably video-chat all the time, so make this one special. Instead of simply wearing whatever you typically wear, put on your best dinner outfit. Order some expensive meals from a high-end restaurant or cook a fancy meal yourself. Pull out your best wine too. Make it really special.

  2. Go out to eat. Visit a cafe and pull up your laptop (or whatever gadget that makes the video call easier). Don’t forget to decide on what time you two will “meet.” Wear your headphones, so you’re not bothering the other people at the cafe.

  3. Game night. It’s time to go online and put your game face on. If you two are into online gaming, go on co-op and have a date in the game world. I suggest you pick an open-world type of game so you two can explore the map together and help each other out on quests. If not, why not pick a tournament game and beat each other up? Player-versus-player(or PvP) games are also an option. Couples tend to bond faster when they’re playing together, after all.

  4. Online fitness class. If you two love working out, then attend an online fitness class and burn calories together. You not only get to spend time with each other, but you also accomplish something worthwhile side-by-side.

The Point Is to Celebrate Having Someone to Love

Whatever you choose to do – whether it’s something extravagant or something simple – doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are giving time for each other to bond and celebrate being in love.

You need to know that not everyone is lucky to have someone in their life like that. So, appreciate what you have, and appreciate your lover while you can this Couple Appreciation Month.

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