Finding Love in Costa Rica | 12 Signs She’s Interested in You

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Watch out for subtle cues that you’ve found love in Costa Rica.

For decades now, men from all over the world have descended on a small nation in Latin America hoping to find love in Costa Rica. At times, the journey of trying to find love there can be a thrill akin to a rollercoaster ride in the sense that a lot of guys can get really dizzy and weak in the knees.

The problem is that many guys who look to finding love in Costa Rica, or finding love anywhere for that matter, don’t always recognize it when a girl is interested or not in them. They might get it into their heads that when a girl smiles at you, she wants to marry you. Conversely, they might miss that a girl gets flirty when she starts touching them in little ways like constant shoulder taps and hand brushes.

So, what other indicators of interest can a guy look out for to determine if a girl is interested? Whether it’s simple body language or a change of behavior, pay attention to these signs if you don’t want to miss out on a great woman.

1. She Marks Her Territory

If a girl gets jealous, does she like you? Well, one sign that a girl is into you is if she gets jealous.

Take humor, for example. If a girl laughs at your jokes even though you’re not exactly the type to do a tight five at a comedy club, that’s a good sign she likes you. If another girl laughs at your jokes, the first girl will laugh even harder to outflirt her and mark her territory.

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If she feels that another woman might want you, she’ll make sure to put her hand on your chest, an intimate gesture to signal that you’re taken and that she should seek other pastures.

This can be especially true for Latina women, who can be particularly passionate when it comes to marking their territory.

2. She Orients Towards You

For example, pay attention to her feet. If a girl stands close to you and her feet are pointed towards you, then it’s a sign that she’s interested. Also, check her arms. If they’re crossed when you’re around, then she’s being defensive and is wary of you. If they’re open, then she feels safe around you and it’ll be like she’s almost inviting you to move in closer.

Two people sitting next to each other.
Pay attention to which direction a woman leans towards, if it’s toward you, then she might be interested.

3. Eye Spy

One other body language cue that’s indicative of interest is in her eyes. You may not be able to see it unless you’re looking her right in the eye, but if you do happen to notice that her pupils dilate when she looks at you, then it’s a sign that she finds you attractive.

4. She’ll Bump Into You Accidentally on Purpose

When it comes to body language and romantic interest, when a girl bumps into you on purpose, it’s because she wants your body to touch hers. She wants physical contact, even if it’s brief.

Is bumping flirting? Well, it is if it’s intentional. You may not always be able to tell if her bumping into you is on purpose or not at first, but if it becomes a little too frequent, then she’s either clumsy or it’s intentional.

5. She Plays With Her Hair

Also, if she plays with her hair. Paying with hair is a time-tested way for women to flirt with a man. Maybe she’ll twirl a lock around her finger while talking to you or she’ll flip it right in front of you.

On another note, when a woman changes her hair pay attention. If you’ve agreed to a coffee or a movie and she’s had a hair makeover, she’s likely doing it for you.

A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone. A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone.

6. She Starts Mirroring You

You know how they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? It’s also a form of flirtation and sometimes, an unconscious one at that.

When it comes to conscious imitation as an indicator of interest, a woman will start mirroring your interest. Your favorite sports team? It’s her favorite now. Your favorite show? She binged every season in a week.

When it comes to the unconscious side of things, she may start picking up turns of phrase that you use. She may even adopt some of your gestures, like she’ll start smirking if that’s something that you do often.

7. Her Voice Gets High

When men like a woman, they’ll lower the pitch of their voice so that they sound deeper. With women, it’s the opposite. She’ll raise the pitch of her voice to sound more feminine. So if you notice that it’s higher when she talks to you versus when she talks to someone else, that’s a sign that she’s into you.

Two people smiling at each other.
The signs of a woman’s interest can be subtle, but they become obvious if you know what to look for.

8. She Needs You to Be Her Hero

If a woman wants your attention, she’s going to make it seem like she needs your attention and she’ll do this by asking for your help. It doesn’t matter how small the task is. Maybe she’ll need your help to reach something on the top shelf or she’ll need your help opening a jar. Either way, she’s going to need you for something and you’ll have to give her attention.

Sometimes, it’ll be something that she’s perfectly capable of doing herself, like fixing a glitch on her phone. But she’ll want you to want to be her hero and for your attention to be on her.

9. She Responds Immediately

Another sign that things are going well when trying to find love in Costa Rica is if she responds to your messages immediately. If you send her a text and she sends a reply in minutes, then she just either happened to be on the phone or she was waiting for you specifically to text her.

Speaking of texting, she’ll come up with reasons to text you. She could’ve had a coffee that she liked and had to tell you about. She could’ve seen a cloud that was kind of shaped like your head. It doesn’t matter how mundane, she’s going to figure out ways to initiate communication with you.

10. She Cooks for You

Women in Costa Rica are taught to be good wives. This means two things: one is that they’re taught to be homemakers. The second, and related to the first, is that they’re taught to take care of their husbands and one of the most obvious ways to take care of a man is by cooking for him.

So if she starts cooking you meals, then she’s basically auditioning to be your wife.

11. She Asks You to Come Back

If you meet her on a trip to Costa Rica and have to leave soon, she’ll ask you to come back if she likes. She’ll even suggest you come back soon or on days when she knows she’ll have the time.

This is because Costa Rica women get attached relatively quickly, so if she starts dropping hints that you should come back soon, it’s because she’s fallen for you and wants you back in her life as soon as possible.

12. She Tells You That You’ve Found Love in Costa Rica

Okay, so one more sign that a woman is romantically interested in you is if she tells you. If a woman looks you in the eye and tells you that she likes you, then believe her and then take things from there if you’d like.

Guys who don’t have a lot of experience with dating often miss signs that a woman is interested in them. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t have the self-esteem needed to believe that a woman would ever be interested in them. Other times, it’s because they simply don’t recognize the signs because they’ve never seen them before.

Nevertheless, trying to find love in Costa Rica is going to be a lot easier for guys if they’re able to discern if a woman is interested or not. So make sure to look for the signs. So watch out for the signs of a woman’s interest and, if the feeling’s mutual, act accordingly.

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