Costa Rican Women | Signs She's Unhappy in Your Relationship

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Know how to make your relationship last when dating Costa Rican women.

Who wouldn’t want to be with beautiful Costa Rican women, especially when they’re among the happiest people on the planet? They’re friendly and compassionate, they speak and understand English well, and best of all, they’re traditional. Having a great personality makes them have the whole package that anyone would be happy to have in a lifelong partner. It’s also probably the reason you long to be in a romantic relationship with one. So if you want your relationship to flourish and your beautiful Tica to stay happy and in love, here are some signs to watch out for:

  • She’s not spending much time with you anymore.
    Quality time is important in every relationship because it’s a way to keep things intimate and for you and your partner to get to know each other well. It’s also the reason two strangers end up being great friends or lovers. So if the Tica you’re dating starts to spend less time with you, something could be up.
    First, try to check if she has plenty of workload to attend to or if there are any family problems she’s dealing with before assuming that she’s simply unhappy with you.
  • She prefers doing things alone now.
    It’s a given for every couple to love doing things together. It's also normal to have a bucket list of things you wish to experience with your significant other. While there are things that you may be better at compared to your partner, both of you will always find a way to adjust to each other’s preferences and create a middle ground where you can have your own bonding activities.
    There are, however, differences in interests that no matter how much your partner loves you, she may never have the heart to be interested in the same things you are. Maybe it has something to do with a traumatic past or she just has a plain indifference towards the matter. So it’s important to clarify these indifferences before asking why she prefers doing things on her own now.
  • Her response rate has gone down.
    There are people who prefer face-to-face communication over texting, calling, or chatting on the phone. Know that during the early stages of a new relationship, your partner may still be trying to get out of her comfort zone. So it’s best to be patient when it comes to waiting for virtual responses.
    But if there is a change in behavior along with the response rate going down, don’t wait any longer to ask what the cause of this may be. When this change in behavior becomes too uncomfortable for you or you start to become suspicious, then don’t hesitate to talk about it.
  • She easily gets annoyed.
    There’s a reason parents and friends tell you to be careful whenever you get into a new relationship because most couples tend to reveal their true personalities after the honeymoon phase.
    Costa Rican women are typically cheerful. They can be your ray of sunshine whenever you’re feeling down and gloomy. But just like any unhappy woman, they can get cranky and easily annoyed even in the smallest of mistakes. If your partner has been showing this behavior for some time, then try to talk it out with her.
  • There is a lack of intimacy.
    It’s natural for couples who can’t get enough of each other, especially when they’ve only started dating. However, be mindful that physical intimacy is not the only thing that matters when it comes to showing love. Emotional intimacy is equally important as it is what makes both partners feel secure with each other.
    When romance dies in a relationship, it’s only natural that you’ll start to feel unloved and unwanted. It will then cause your relationship to be on the rocks. So be sure to properly reflect on the matter before it’s too late.

If your partner exhibits all or most of the signs above, don’t wait long to turn things around. Always find a way to sort it out together. Don’t give up on each other easily.

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