Costa Rican Women | What to Do When You Fall out of Love

A man and a woman not looking at each other.
Falling out of love with Costa Rican women is hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix the relationship.

Some songs posit that love is all you need. Others claim that sometimes, it just ain’t enough.

And when you’re locked into a long-term relationship, you’ll probably realize that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Because falling out of love is real and affects many couples. But does it spell the end of the relationship?

For guys who went through all the hassle of traveling to Latin America to marry Costa Rican women, this is a nightmare. It can feel like all the struggle and sacrifice - being long-distance, all the red tape in immigration - were all for naught. So, what can you do when someone falls out of love with you?

The good news is that, for all intents and purposes, most Costa Rican women will fight for your relationship, despite what they may be feeling. That’s just how they were raised, and it speaks to their exceptional quality.

To begin, you need to figure out what went wrong in the relationship. Is it outside pressures like work? Is it another person trying to woo one of you away? Is it family sticking their noses in? Or is it simply the pressure of life drowning one or the both of you and you’ve forgotten that you’re supposed to swim to the surface together?

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Break the Mundane

But, did you actually fall out of love? Falling out of love in a long-term relationship, more often than not, boils down to a lack of communication. Couples stop talking to each other as a couple. If they’ve got kids, the only thing they talk about is the children.

When couples get married and get settled, they develop routines. Life gets mundane as they do the same things every day. Things get stale and the spark that once burned hot between a couple extinguishes.

They think that they’ve fallen out of love not because the love is gone but because they’re bored. They take the other for granted. Their love life gets boring or peters off until there’s no intimacy in the relationship. This is what falling out of love feels like.

It’s not that they don’t love each other anymore, it’s that they’ve neglected their romantic connection. You need that connection if you want to make her love you again.

This happens a lot when a couple has kids. They spend so much time and energy being a mother and father that they forget that they’re also a husband and wife. So they need to reconnect.

A couple on a bench looking away from each other.
It may seem impossible in the moment, but you can make her love you again.

If you’re in this situation, then you need to start having date nights and getaways as a couple. Find a babysitter and have a weekly date night. Find childcare and go away for a weekend, just the two of you. Take time to be a couple instead of being parents to reignite the spark and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Keep Doing New Things with Costa Rican Women

Another reason why people lose sight of each other is that they stop doing new things. At the start of the relationship, everything is shiny and new. Then time flies and what was shiny and new is faded and old. But guess what? There are plenty of other things in the world that are shiny and new and couples can discover those things together to light their spark once more.

Doing and discovering new things helps keep a relationship fresh and it can break the mundane routines of everyday life.

A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone. A woman looking at a man who is looking at a phone.

Let Little Things Slide

One reason why couples fall out of love is that they start to resent each other. Sometimes, the wife doesn’t give her husband enough attention or the husband doesn’t do enough housework. Whatever the case, they start to dislike each other and then they start taking jabs at each other.

The only way to break this stalemate is to reach out and tell their spouse that they’re starting to resent each other and to ask for help. That’s not easy because that would be admitting that something went wrong along the way and putting pride aside in relationships by admitting that a mistake was made can be difficult.

But at some point, one of you is going to have to decide if pride or the relationship is more important. Something’s got to give or the whole thing is going to break.

Something that couples need to learn so they know how not to fall out of love is unity. If there’s a problem that’s causing resentment, it’s not one partner against the other, it’s both partners against each other.

 A woman looking away from a man who looks annoyed about it.
You CAN fall back in love with your partner, but you have to be decisive about it.

Pay Attention to Them

It might seem obvious that you need to pay attention to your partner, but a lot of people, men in particular, can forget that. Women like to feel seen in a relationship and don’t want to be just looked at. She wants to feel like her man listens to her and also wants her around.

Basically, she wants a man that isn’t going to take her being there for granted. This is particularly true of Costa Rican women as they’re raised to be good wives and that husbands should be attentive and loving in turn. She’s going to feel like she’s failing as a wife if her man doesn’t see her.

Remember Who You Used to Be

People change. And relationships change and people within relationships. If you and your partner find yourselves on the outs with each other, it’s possible that you’ve lost touch with who you were when you fell in love.

So if you want you and your partner to fall back in love, then you may want to get back in touch with who the two of you were when you first fell for each other.

Choose to Love Each Other

Finally, if you want to fall back in love with your partner, you have to wholeheartedly choose to. Love is as much an action as it is an emotion and you have to wake up every day and actively choose to be in love with your partner.

Guys find love with Costa Rican women all the time. The problem is that many of these guys don’t have a lot of relationship experience, so they don’t know what to do when the initial passion that comes at the beginning of a relationship starts to cool off and they think that the love is gone. It could be that it is indeed gone, or it could just be that the relationship is evolving and the couple has to adapt.

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