5 Best Ways to Enthrall a Costa Rican Woman This Christmas

a costa rican woman smelling the christmas tree
This Christmas, put your best foot forward to impress your Costa Rican woman.

Do you remember the first time you spent Christmas with your girlfriend and how much you wanted it to be special? Perhaps you may need to go back a few decades to rehash those memories, but they are hardly easy to forget.

You may have booked a really nice restaurant weeks in advance. You may have splurged most of your savings on a special piece of jewelry. You may even have rehearsed a special line of poetic words, inviting her to join you towards a new level in your relationship.

If you are dating a Costa Rican woman for the first time and the holidays are fast approaching, you may be feeling that same sense of franticness from your past memories. Naturally, there are many things you are still learning about your Latina beauty. But what stands out is the air of mystery surrounding her.

Whenever you are dating a foreign woman, part of you is always on your toes. You’re not sure if something you do or say, no matter how seemingly benign, could set off a furious reaction. You are also constantly on the lookout for that one thing, word, or action that can secure for you a permanent place in her heart.

So here is a list of things you should consider to make her heart beat for you more:

1. Decide which country to celebrate the holidays.

beach in costa rica
If you decide to spend Christmas in Costa Rica, be sure to prepare for the warm and sunny weather.

You could go the normal route and celebrate Christmas where you are, be it in the US or wherever. But here’s an even better idea: plan for a two-week vacation in Costa Rica? Aside from winning the lottery, there is probably no other proposition that could make her even more giddy than this. Plus, it’s only a four hour flight from New York.

Spending Christmas in Costa Rica with her is a major move. She may take it as a sign that you are willing to commit to her. You are going to have to meet her parents or even her whole clan after all. Since Ticas have life long plans to marry and raise a family, your presence at the Misa de Gallo on Christmas Eve will all but cement you as a future life partner.

The only things you should prepare, however, are your summer clothes and beach wear. And some sun tan. The sun shines bright in December down at San José.

2. Decide what gift to give.

gold cross necklace
Know the right kind of jewelry to give your beautiful Tica.

A bane of the male species for millennia, deciding what kind of gift to give your Tica girlfriend can use up more brain power than your cranium can produce. A good way to narrow down the list of potential Christmas gifts is to ask yourself what exactly the gift should say to her.

So let’s go with the surest and safest bet - jewelry. The kind of jewelry you give to a woman can send a message better than your words ever could. Unless you intend to propose to her, hold off on giving her a ring. A bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a necklace will do just nicely. Costa Rican women are very feminine and don’t mind overdressing. Giving her any of the aforementioned jewelry says that you are committed to her, but you are patient and respect her enough to wait.

You can also gage your woman if she is likely to appreciate a religious pendant. Your Tica is probably Catholic, and a golden cross says that you understand and respect her faith. Get her the right piece of jewelry, and she’ll stay hooked on you.

3. Delight her with your future plans.

costa rican woman in wedding gown
If this is how you see your future, then Christmas is a perfect time to propose to your beautiful Tica.

Ticas value honesty. They are generally happy ladies who would be more than content to live alongside a worthy husband. So if you have plans on popping the question, or at the very least visualize the two of you together in the not-so-distant future, then there is no better time to tell her than during the holidays.

While proposing on Christmas Day isn’t the most original of ideas, there really isn’t a more opportune time to do it. Imagine the cool yet serene atmosphere, the horizon shimmering with Christmas lights, the cold breeze against your face. Choose to make the enchanted atmosphere even more magical by putting forth your promise of forever.

4. Do something outdoors.

hiking in the mountains
Costa Rican women are no strangers to adventure, no matter the place, time, or season.

Obviously, if you are spending Christmas in a cold state, you may want to limit your outdoor activities - or not. Depending on where you are and how mobile you can be this Christmas, make plans to experience the outdoors. Whether it is spending the night in a cabin in the woods or hiking in the mountains, don’t write off December as a time you can only stay indoors.

There are few women in the world more adventurous than those from Costa Rica. They grew up in a country with almost every natural formation and element known to man. They are familiar with the water, the land, and the mountains. Don’t relegate your strong, fearless Tica to simply cutting out gingerbread figurines this joyous season.

5. Prepare a Costa Rican meal and sing Spanish carols.

Unbeknownst to many, it is totally forgivable to make a fool out of yourself during Christmas as long as you do it sincerely. And nothing warms a woman’s heart more than when a man serenades her with songs from her childhood.

So as early as now, try learning a few selections of popular Christmas music in Costa Rica. And while your Spanish may not be up to par, nor your vocal cords capable, crooning off a few Spanish carols from her hometown will definitely sweep her off her feet.

If singing isn’t in your toolset, you can give her a feeling of being back home by preparing a traditional Costa Rican Christmas food set. With simple ingredients and a trusty recipe sheet, you can pull off some pork tamales, eggnog, or a rum punch. There aren’t many other things to do to make her feel like you care for her with all your being.

Give Her Your Heart

costa rican woman in a wheat field
Costa Rican women love the cheerful atmosphere that comes with the holiday season.

There is so much more you can do, subtle or grandiose, to impress your beautiful Tica girlfriend this coming Christmas. But whatever you do, make sure you’re doing it with good intentions.

At the end of the day, women from Costa Rica aren’t ladies you just play around with. Open your heart to them, and they will open their heart to you. Whatever you choose to do this Christmas with your beautiful lady, do it with that yuletide cheer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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