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Bring Costa Rican women on a date during their festivals!

Costa Rican’s love for festivals, music and dancing is just contagious. Festivals, for the most part, give off their carefree and fun-loving spirit, which is why you just can’t help but join the groove and party. This is one main reason to meet Costa Rican women on festivals for a date.

A lot of Costa Rican festivals will introduce you to a whole new dimension about the country. Most especially, it will let you see just what Costa Rican Ticas love. If you want to see firsthand who your Costa Rican date really is beyond your online knowledge and preconceived notions about her, then it’s time to meet her face to face. The fun in it is that it’s on their festivals!

Here are some of the biggest and most jovial festivals in Costa Rica in which you can experience together with your Costa Rican date:

New Year’s Day Celebration

Of course, everyone knows New Year’s Day is on January 1st (except China, Israel, India, and other countries). Just as much your country celebrates New Year on a grand scale, Costa Ricans do, too. Plus, it’s supposedly celebrated with loved ones, so you celebrating it with her will inevitably make her feel special and loved.

This gives you the best excuse to experience the Costa Rica nightlife scene too because there are lots of parties from New Year’s eve and throughout the entire day. The street parties will surely lure you in with food, music, and dancing.

But if you are in the country and have no one to go out on a date with, you can always meet Costa Rican women, particularly downtown, who are up for fun at this time of the year!

Blues Festival

If you love music, blues in particular, this festival will suit you. But this festival sounds familiar, right? That’s because it is a lot like the Blues Festival in the USA.

Costa Rica culture has always been inclined to music. Every February, you will have the chance to listen to bands (both local and international bands). You will also be able to meet the volunteers, staff, and artists of the festival before the main event.

Get the chance to listen to different blues musicians perform the classic and modern renditions that can make you dance to the beat. There are soul and disco classics for everybody during the meet and greet party portion. It’s held at different places per year, so make sure your Costa Rican interest keeps you up to date about the venue.

(Note: Usually, the ticket costs approximately $40 per adult.)

Palmares Festival

So, this is another January fest which most likely lasts for two weeks. For the record, Palmares festival is the noisiest and rowdiest among any other Costa Rican celebrations. Generally, this celebration has plenty of things to offer beyond a booze fest. When you go out on a date with Costa Rican women in Palmares festival, here are what you need to know as a foreigner:

  1. More than a fifth of the country will attend. It’s going to be really packed, so make sure to book your accommodation in advance. It’s estimated that a whopping 1 million people would attend the event, which is approximately 20% of the nation’s population. With that said, it’s going to be tight and crowded, so be extra careful with your belongings too!
  2. It’s practically a booze fest with a drunk bus. Fact is, you can get really drunk, which is why Palmares Festival is internationally known as the giant booze fest. Usually, inebriated guests are not allowed. Just how boozy is this festival? Hardcore drinkers or Palmares partiers rent mini-buses ahead of the festival. This is a great excuse to get drunk with your Tican date.
  3. Enjoy bullfight shows. If you’re not into drinking or even seeing teenagers get drunk in the streets, this show’s for you and your date. Just don’t think of entering the ring. Let watching improvised rodeo clowns suffice for a show.
  4. You can join horse parades called tope. Channel your inner cowboy and get dressed up on your tack to ride your horse along the predetermined route through town. All this, if your date agrees that you do so or even the both of you. If not, watching thousands of people on horses is already fascinating as it is.
  5. There are also concerts too, some of which are free!

Palmares festival is indeed a celebration you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ll see how your Costa Rican date can go crazy. Well, at least you will get to witness her unguarded.


Well, Easter may seem anticlimactic (especially being listed after the Palmares festival), but Holy Week, or Easter as Ticans put it, is actually a fascinating time to visit the country. Even non-believers will surely find a number of artistic religious floats fascinating throughout the streets in most towns.

If your date happens to be on the religious side, then it’s quite nice for you to join her in this celebration. Plus, there is also plenty of food in this April celebration, in which case, you can go on a food trip on your date, too!

Independence Day

Costa Rica’s Independence Day is celebrated every September 15th, marking its declaration of independence from Spain. If you happen to be in the country at this time of the year, community parades are really a must-see event. Costa Rican people love to wave up their flags, speaking volumes about their patriotism.

Límon Carnival

If you’ve been to Brazil’s Carnival, this festival will be very familiar to you. You just have to picture it out happening in the port city of Límon and with fewer people, and then you’ll have Costa Rica’s Límon Carnival.

Lasting a week in October, the coastal town will host lively parades, music performances, and colorful fireworks for the locals and tourists alike. Somehow, it also honors the immigrants from all over the world who moved to live in Costa Rica.

This festivity is one unique part of the nation’s culture. What’s even better is that it’s a free event.

Costa Rican women would love to be with you on one of their colorful festivities. Just mark your calendar for these!

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