Discovering the Colorful Costa Rican Culture

A collage of the Costa Rica culture
Fall in love with the colors of Costa Rica culture.

The vibrant blend of indigenous culture and of Spanish influence, with a tinge of other influences from varied immigrant cultures, is what makes up the colorful culture of Costa Rica. All the characters, traditions, and customs left by the history of Costa Rica gave life to what is now known as the colorful culture of the Rich Coast.

Although the country may be known for being one of the world’s largest natural playgrounds due to its flora and fauna as well as its wildlife, its culture is also starting to make a name of its own. Here are some of the aspects that show the colors of the Costa Rican culture:

  • Art - Costa Rica has tons to offer to those who enjoy embracing and learning about the culture of the place they visit. One of the ways that the Costa Rican culture shows its uniqueness is through its art. The different origin of people is reflected in the varied art style of each artist. Gladly, the artworks cannot only be seen in art galleries and museums but also as close as the streets in the country such as in the city of San Jose. These Costa Rican artworks garnered the attention of the international audience as many of its artists have been famed for their masterpieces that reflect the true nature of the culture of the nation.
  • Food - With the varied culture of the country, Costa Rica has developed dishes that are mostly Hispanic yet with a mixture of other cultures’ flavors. The most prominent of the Costa Rican dishes is the country’s national dish, gallo pinto, which is made of black beans, rice with onions, and coriander. All these put into one flavorful breakfast that will surely give you a gastronomic experience that is unique of the country and should not be missed during your Costa Rica vacation.
  • Traditions - The traditions in Costa Rica are strongly influenced by the Spanish culture during the colonial times. These traditions are still very much evident in the Costa Rican holidays such as Holy Week, Christmas, Virgen de Los Angeles Day, and a lot more. Many current-day traditions in the country have rooted down to the Costa Rica history where the Catholic religion is dominant. Although true to its culture and traditions, the country continues to adopt more culture.
  • People - Costa Rica is known as the happiest place on Earth. This is clearly observed with its people. Generally, Costa Ricans kind, gentle, friendly, polite, spirited and educated. They believe in the phrase “pura vida,” which translates to “pure life.” You may hear it a lot when you visit the country, but it is not just simply a form of greeting. “Pura vida” has become their way of life—no worries and just living their lives happily.

Costa Rica is not just a natural paradise but a place overflowing with its cultural colors that just makes the country beautiful. It is beautiful as it is physically and such wonder for the curious minds and adventure seekers.

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