3 Costa Rica Women Who Made an Impact in the World

Costa Rican women are among the finest in the world. These women possess exceptional qualities which they inherited from their rich genetic ancestry. In Costa Rica, women have played important roles in several fields like literature, science, politics and sports, among others. They continue to make a difference in their country and around the world.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d be hard-pressed not to fall in love with a Costa Rican Tica. Their reserved and demure demeanor paired with goddess-like beauty makes these women simply irresistible. But you’d be wrong to think that Costa Rican women are just all about being pretty and timid. These women are strong, independent, and empowered in their own right. Their ability to drive change across different fields has made a significant mark domestically and internationally.

To further emphasize why Costa Rican women are one of the most ideal brides in the world, we’ve listed some of the most influential and powerful Ticas who, in their own way, have made an indelible impact in their fields of expertise.

Karina Ramos

A picture of a Costa Rican tica Karina Ramos in a bikini at the beach.
Find out why Karina Ramos is the perfect embodiment of why Costa Rica women are ideal wives.

Latinas have long dominated the world of fashion and pageantry. One of the Costa Rican girls who made a name in this industry is Karina Ramos Leiton. She is a Costa Rican TV host, a model and a veteran of several international pageants where she represented her country.

She is currently the CEO and owner of a modeling agency which was established to train Costa Rica’s future beauty queens. With all the accolades that she’s received on the international stage, she has also brought pride and honor to her motherland. She is indeed the perfect embodiment of beauty and brains. She exemplifies Costa Rican women’s great fashion sense and self-confidence.

Sandra Cauffman

A picture of one of the most successful Costa Rica women in Science and Engineering Sandra Cauffman
Get to know what kind of determination and ambition Costa Rica girls have in them.

Sandra Cauffman was born to a poor family in San Jose, Costa Rica. Despite her difficult childhood, she nurtured an improbable dream about space travel, and against all odds, she made that dream come true. She is now an electrical engineer and physicist who received numerous recognitions for her significant contributions in several NASA projects such as Mars MAVEN, and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite or GOES-R.

Cauffman was recognized by UN Women for being a positive example. She’s made it her life’s advocacy to keep encouraging young people - especially Costa Rica girls - to pursue careers in science and technology.

Despite the challenges she had to overcome and the obstacles she had to hurdle, Sandra Cauffman refused to give up on her dreams. She has unceasingly shown a driven attitude which is one of the many desirable attributes that Costa Rican women commonly possess.

Laura Chinchilla Miranda

A picture of Laura Miranda in a talk that empowers Costa Rica women.
Find out how capable a Costa Rican tica to drive change in the world.

One of the most remarkable presidents who has led Costa Rica in the past is Laura Chinchilla Miranda. She’s the eighth woman president of a Latin American country and the first woman to become President of Costa Rica. She is, without a doubt, a trailblazer. One that any Costa Rican woman can truly look up to.

She was recognized internationally for her efforts in conservation and sustainable management of the ocean's resources. She has received recognition from South Korea and was honored in Germany as "Shark Guardian of the Year" for strengthening her country's anti-finning law by signing a blanket ban on shark finning and shark fin imports.

Costa Rican women are empowered individuals. They go beyond gender-defined limitations. It’s also a known fact that Costa Rica people are among the most environmentally conscious in the world. They are indeed paving the way towards a greener world to live in, and a Costa Rican woman is at the forefront of it all.

These 3 women are the epitome of the kind of greatness a Costa Rican woman is capable of achieving. They are living examples of why Costa Rican women are highly sought-after brides. They are the perfect blend of beauty, brains and fortitude.

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