YOUNG Latinas from Costa Rica Date OLD Foreign Men

Latinas are educated, professional and intelligent. Plenty of Latin women in Costa Rica are making their own bread and honey. They are establishing a stable career for themselves.

However, no matter how much money they earn or how successful their career is, Costa Rican women know in themselves that these things are not the essentials in life. They know that the most rewarding thing a woman can do is to find her soulmate, create her love story, and give life to a happy and healthy family.

As Latinas are successful in their career and earn money, most men in their country have doubts about marrying them. Local men want to be superior when it comes to relationships, so they are dating younger women. Most Latinos don’t want women who earn more money than what they can make.

Realistically, it’s getting harder for beautiful Ticas to find local men who don’t mind their accomplishments. Thus, their doors for dating and marriage have been opened to foreign men for the last two decades. Dating a Latina from Costa Rica has also become mainstream for foreign men who are into international dating.

Young Costa Rican women desire to date and marry older men. Contrary to the popular belief that Latinas are dating older men for money, plenty of women from Costa Rica earn their own money, yet they still fall in love and marry older men.

The age gap doesn’t really bother Ticas. Older men, in their culture, are viewed to be mature and independent. These qualities of a man interest a lot of women.

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