Why are Costa Rica Women Seeking Foreign Men for Marriage?

Costa Rica women are among the most sought-after brides by hundreds of foreign men because of their unparalleled qualities that Western men think they are still traditional, perfect for building a happy family. Foreign men can be considered lucky enough because the single Latin women are opening their doors in marriage for them.

For 20 years, hundreds of foreign men dating Latinas in Costa Rica do so without fearing the risk because they know pursuing their own happiness is worth more than anything the world could ever give. Foreign men have no problems with adapting to the Latin American dating culture found in cities like San Jose Costa Rica.

Through the years, one can notice the sudden increase in the number of successful interracial marriages between Western men and Costa Rica women. This scenario leads skeptical men to theorize that women from Costa Rica are trying to escape their country because of poverty. Many conclude that the Latinas only want the K1 Visa so that moving to America or other parts of the globe becomes easier for them. This is deeply rooted in the fact that Costa Rica is considered to some to be a third world country.

What many don’t know about the lives of Latinas in Costa Rica is that they attach more weight to their happiness, not on the amount of money they make or materials they own. Yes, they may fall short in the material standards that Westerners seem to enjoy, but what’s important for them is to cherish a happy family. Having a family is more important than having that green card which everyone is talking about.

Latinas in Costa Rica prefer to stay and live in their country like any of us rather than obtaining a fiance visa. However, because of their traditional belief and principle that wives should be a strong support to their husbands, that’s why they are also open to the idea of relocating to other parts of the globe.

A Latina bride is willing to sacrifice as long as it is for the good of the relationship and the family. That’s how selfless Costa Rica women are.

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