The Downside of High Age Gap Dating in Costa Rica

Most single men looking for a wife among Costa Rica women prefer to date someone who is younger. Foreign men have several reasons for doing so. Traditionally, older men are looking for a wife in a much younger woman and this is still happening in San Jose Costa Rica.

Older men who are in a relationship with younger women seem to be the norm in the dating scene in San Jose Costa Rica. However, there are people from other cultures who donโ€™t understand why the huge age gap seems to never bother the beautiful Latinas. This is the dating culture in Central America and for them, this is how things work. Though it may not be the most effective dating strategy to guaranty a match, foreigners visiting San Jose will still prefer to date much younger than their own age.

Most men prefer to date and marry younger Costa Rican women because itโ€™s a reality that younger women are much more attractive. Most foreign men interested in starting a family will look to do so with a younger woman who may have yet to have children of their own. Younger women are healthy and fertile, thus it is easier for these women to conceive.

On the other hand, single women in Costa Rica prefer to date someone older because of their maturity and independence. These are two of the qualities that attract Latina women to older foreign men in Costa Rica. The experiences of older men always interest Latinas because these women want to be ahead of the game in terms of life choices.

However, there are some downsides in a relationship with a huge age gap. There are times when both partners have a hard time relating to each other. This can cause a misunderstanding or a problem that can make or break the amazing story you are both trying to make.

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