Kissing Costa Rica Women on the First Dates

Costa Rican women are bold when showing their affection to the man who has captured their heart. Ticas always go the extra mile to show you that you are special and loved.

Affectionate and caring--- these are two of the traits most single foreign men love about Costa Rica women.

Costa Rican women are warm and friendly. They greet people openly, even those who they don’t fully know.

There is a lot of kissing involved in Costa Rica dating culture. So, if you are a foreign man who is planning to pursue your dreams in Costa Rica, don’t be shocked if greetings are mostly done by kissing once you have made rapport with women.

This is one of the cultural differences that you must be ready for. However, this does not mean that you can kiss every girl you want anytime. There are exceptions to their rules and you have to follow that because you are dating abroad.

Costa Rica girls may be affectionate, however, they are conservative and traditional, too. You have to be very careful not to cross the line, especially during the first date.

No one wants to create a bad first impression of themselves. It’s always better to educate yourself of the dating culture in Costa Rica before taking the plunge.

Don’t be too overwhelmed or excited to kiss a Costa Rican girl. There are dating differences between you and the Ticas because you have been born and raised in two different environments.

As a gentleman who wants to guaranty a match in Latin America, you need to respect the Latinas and their culture.

Latin women will surely give you a kiss on the cheeks as a greeting, but this does not mean that you can kiss her on the lips immediately. This depends on how your date or your relationship is going. Moreover, you can always ask the Latina girls if they are willing to do that.

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