How Safe is Costa Rica For Men? | Latin Dating in San Jose

For more than 70 years, San Jose Costa Rica remains a peaceful nation without a military force. The country seems unbothered despite the continuing violence in its neighboring countries. Experts even say that the absence of a military in Costa Rica is one of the reasons why they have peaceful relations with the countries in its borderline.

For Costa Ricans, they donโ€™t want to live in fear. They have seen how unhappy and weary are people in other countries and they think that the presence of the military adds to that fear. People from Costa Rica take pride in being from a country without a military, yet very peaceful and blissful.

Aside from the fact that being happy is an innate quality of the Latin women, the absence of the military adds up to that happiness for them. In fact, they are hailed as the happiest people on Earth. Many Costa Rica women admit that San Jose Costa Rica is not heaven nor a paradise, that there are still crimes and poverty, but it always hits differently to be in the most peaceful society. Being able to sleep deeply and soundly at night is just different when you know you are safe. This reality makes the claims of other people from the different parts of the globe that most Costa Rican women are dating foreign men because they want to escape the country a false accusation. For sure, these beautiful women from San Jose will never trade peace for gold.

People think that when single Latin girls date and marry a foreign man, they go and leave the country immediately. However, it is not always the case. There are foreign who, aside from falling in love with the Latin ladies, also fall in love with the country and itโ€™s laid back yet cheerful lifestyle. Some of them even choose to stay and move in the country.

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