Do Costa Rican Women EXCLUSIVELY Date Americans?

Having the opportunity to date traditional Latinas like Costa Rican women seems like a big step for many foreigners who dream of better connections. Such a decision involves a lot of assertiveness through taking a solo trip to San Jose for the sake of dating, to ultimately experiencing first hand if negative stereotypes about dating Ticas are true.

One thing's for sure, Latinas in Costa Rica judge potential in a match from compatibility. At times such a match can be made on the first trip, and in many cases, it may need further effort to guaranty a match. Either way, Costa Rica Latinas patiently wait for the chance to meet that special man who can sweep her off her feet.

To think, dating Americans with insincere intentions might seem easy for Costa Rican women to do. Many foreigners go all the way to San Jose to guaranty a match with beautiful Ticas. If Costa Rica girls only want to gain something besides love in a relationship with a foreign guy, the first American that expresses a sign of interest would be her ticket to such a situation.

In the case of Costa Rica women foreigners meet at speed dating events, they take their time in meeting and getting to know the men first. As optimistic as Latina women in San Jose can be in their search for love, if there seems to be no chemistry or connection with any of the men they meet, hope arises that the man for them will come on the next San Jose tour.

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