Costa Rica Women | Their Best Traits and Outstanding Qualities

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What do Costa Rica women desire? For starters, a man who’s willing to take the lead.

There are no limits to love when it comes to Costa Rica women. It’s why so many men from all around the world want to get with them. Being around them will make even a skeptic believe in magic and an emotionally-unavailable man believe in love.

It’s not just Costa Rican women’s beauty that makes them so desirable, though a woman of Costa Rica is known for often turning heads and inspiring longing glances. Their traits, their inner beauty, also makes many men from all over the world want to put rings on their fingers.

So while Costa Rican beauty can get a man, it’s the personality of the woman who has that beauty that makes that man want to stay.

What are the personality traits that can make a man want to commit? And what traits will a hot Costa Rican woman show when a man is in pursuit of her heart?

What Dating Costa Rica Women Is Like

She’ll play hard to get - If you think that you’re going to fly down to Costa Rica and the women down there will flock to you, think again. They won’t just accept the first marriage proposal that comes their way. They’ll want a high-quality man who’s going to put in the effort of wooing them. Sincerity and romance are the currency of dating in Costa Rica.

You have to be sincere - A Costa Rican woman will know her worth and she’ll only want a man who’ll know it as well and act accordingly. She’s not going to want a man who is just going to play around for a quick fling. No, she wants a man who wants something real and is in it for the long haul.

Intimacy isn’t automatic - Immediate intimacy might be a thing in most Western countries, but don’t expect that with a woman from Costa Rica. Catholicism is prevalent in the country, and premarital sex is frowned upon in the Catholic church. The norms of Costa Rica are based on its predominant religion and it’ll be hard for you to convince her to go to bed with you until after you’ve walked down the aisle.

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Do you want a Costa Rican woman? Then learn and become what they want in a man.

They want you to take the lead - Costa Rican beauties are going to grow in a more traditional society than what the women from the United States are used to. As such, they’ll want a man who can take the lead.

This doesn’t mean they want a guy who’s going to throw his weight around as a way to assert dominance. Rather, this means that they want a guy who knows what he wants and how to get it and to be someone who can guide her to true happiness.

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What Costa Rican Women Are Like

When it comes to personality traits, women in Costa Rica have plenty that are going to make a lot of men want to make them their wives.

They’re naturally nurturing - Women down there are taught to be nurturing. They’re not just welcoming of tourists, they’re also taught to be warm and kind. Now, you shouldn’t mistake them being nice to you as flirting, however. If you want to date one, refer to the section about sincerity above.

They’re foodies at heart - Many of the beautiful women of Costa Rica are, at their core, foodies. They love to eat and they love to cook. So if you do manage to snag one, you’re in a world of culinary greatness.

That said, a Costa Rican babe is also going to appreciate immensely if you cook for her and with her every once in a while.

They’re family-focused - Women from Costa Rica are family-oriented. This means two things. The first is that the opinions of their family are gospel to them. If their parents don’t want her to be with you, then she’s not going to be with you. If her parents approve of you, then you best start looking at wedding venues because you’re going to be saying your vows sooner rather than later.

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Caring, polite, and sweet. These women are worth your best efforts.

The second meaning is that if and when you start a family with her, it’s going to be her first priority in life. Everything else will be shoved to the background so she can focus the lion’s share of her time and energy on being the best wife and mother she can possibly be.

They’re unfailingly polite - Women from Costa Rica are nice, but the thing is that they can be too nice. They’ll say yes to things even when they want to say no to it. Why? It’s not a fear of missing out, it’s because they’re too polite to say no.

They have poor time management - If there is one flaw the women of Costa Rica have, it’s that they’re always late. Why is this? Well, it’s because of its colonial past. Costa Rica used to be a Spanish colony as evidenced by the name and the predominant language.

Spaniards are perennially late. Studies show that 64 percent of Spaniards are usually between 5 to 30 minutes late to basically every single meeting or appointment and that four out of ten Spaniards are usually late to work. This is a cultural trait that’s been passed down to almost all of its former colonies such as Costa Rica.

They like little gestures of affection - Because of how conservative Costa Rica is, you’re not likely to start making out on a date, not if you’re out in public. That said, Costa Ricans are not total prudes who eschew affection in all its forms.

Your Costa Rican lady will appreciate it if you give her a peck on the cheek, a kiss on the hand, or a hug. In fact, most Costa Rican ladies will want those things as a form of greeting. Men, on the other hand, will just give you a firm handshake because it’s a more masculine way to greet someone.

There’s a lot to love about Costa Rican women. However, they’re not a blank slate on which a guy can project his fantasies of an ideal wife onto. That’s not what marrying a Costa Rican woman is. They have thoughts and feelings and their own desires for a relationship. They have unique and fully-fleshed personalities. Dating them will not be some cookie-cutter, dime-a-dozen experience. But it will be worth your very best efforts.

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