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Dating in Costa Rica with Approach Anxiety

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Here are ways you can put an end to approach anxiety when dating in Costa Rica

If there’s one thing that men wouldn’t resist having, that would be being irresistible to women. But it’s not that easy for some. If only approach anxiety has a quick fix, then they wouldn’t have to recoil in the thought and act of dating in Costa Rica. For the ones reading this, no matter how real the anxiety feels, it still is an irrational fear that roots in expecting the negative rather than potential positive outcomes.

Seriously, it’s time for a mindset flip. Don’t miss the chance of meeting a woman in Costa Rica just because you’re still trying to figure out how to overcome approach anxiety. Here are ways you can do so

  • It’s totally natural
    Even the most confident people feel uneasy when approaching new people rather than the ones they already know. If you experience anxiety in approaching strangers, then you’re wired correctly. Of course, it’s more difficult to talk to someone you don’t know. You have to accept this reality; it’s a natural biological function. Normal guys will always have approach anxiety, and it only depends whether they have it more or less.
  • Mind your unfounded assumptions.
    If you’re already thinking you will never get a date with the women in Costa Rica, then you never will. One of your biggest mistakes is assuming that a girl will not want to meet you because she seems out of your league or that approaching her will only be a bother. Truth is, she’ll be dying to meet you when you are a fun, positive, and high-value guy, and healthily thinks of yourself as so. It doesn’t really matter how you look or how much is in your bank account. If you can make a girl feel good and she sees you can add value to her life, then she’ll be more than glad that you came into her life.
  • Stop putting her on a pedestal.
    Also called the halo effect, guys do have the tendency to put the women they’re interested in on a pedestal based on her looks. You may attribute positive qualities in her just because she’s attractive, and think that her life is perfect. This is where you need to remind yourself that everyone has her own flaws, struggles, fears, and insecurities no matter how she looks. With this in mind, it becomes easier approaching and connecting with these single women.
  • Actually, what is there to fear?
    Do you know what really happens after a girl turns you down? Actually, there’s nothing. For all you know, it’s even a boost of ego or a flatter on her part. So, stop thinking that if you make a move and start a conversation with a Costa Rican tica, everything will go terribly wrong, you’ll be humiliated deep down or shamed in public if you talked to her in such a setting. Honestly, what’s worse than rejection is the fear of rejection itself. If someone turns you down, the world still spins around and life goes on. Truth is, most women will go out their way to not look way cold or harsh to you.
  • The outcome doesn’t really matter.
    For amateurs, rejection is more likely taken personally. Fact is, it’s not that much about them. The outcome only matters when you feel pumped up by the thought that you actually approached an attractive girl. Whatever her response, you will be on cloud nine knowing that you did have a gut for coming to her and expressing yourself. The feeling of power and excitement is already there when you see an attractive woman, which is why after your mission of approaching is accomplished, you’ll definitely feel like a champion. Even if it didn’t turn the way you expected it to, you’d feel a sense of pride even for just having the courage to do it.
  • Again, it’s not about you.
    Okay, you’re turned down by a girl you really like. But remember that rejection shouldn’t be taken personally. More often than not, she’s not rejecting you but the thought that she barely even knows you or, perhaps, your way of approach. Most likely, her reasons for rejecting you has actually got nothing to do with you. It’s based on other factors, as well, especially her mood or what she’s going through that day. Obviously, the littlest chance that you can get her attention is when she’s in the bitter mood. There are million other reasons why a girl turns you down, but rest assured that it has less to do about you but everything you have to do about her.

Practical Ways to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety

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Here are practical ways to get rid of approach anxiety when dating in Costa Rica

Even if you are availing of matchmaking services, it still wouldn’t work if you haven't fixed your anxiety in approaching women. Dating a Costa Rican girl will be worth a shot so here are ways you can take action after a mindset flip:

  • Get into real-time practice.
    You just need to get into the field with or without the help of dating services and dust off your memories on actually facing women. You just need to talk to a lot of girls, and it doesn’t even matter if they reject you or not. What matters here is that you make it a habit. Now, you must think of it as a normal part of your life, nothing really special. If talking to women doesn’t become a normal part of your life, chances are, you will not significantly improve with getting rid of approach anxiety. We know it’s easier to resort to what’s comfortable and familiar, but we also know that most beginnings are inconvenient and hard. You’ll most likely suck on the first few times around. A man who approaches women daily for a whole straight 40-50 days has the best chance of putting a stop to his anxiety rather than a man who just approaches women for at least twice a year.
  • Talk like you’re very interested.
    You don’t even have to do a guessing game trying to figure out what a woman likes or doesn’t like. Approach her and talk to her right away. You will not have to overthink, you simply just have to face her and find yourself showing full attention, all ears.
  • Make it the new normal.
    Even if you’re the best dating coach, if you’re always out of practice, you’ll most probably still bomb it. It’s always the start that takes the most energy, but it will really pay you character build in the end.

Dating in Costa Rica will be much easier when you get rid of your anxiety as soon as possible.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 - Tuesday, 4 April, 2023
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!